it's like a trip into my imagination and i let it ran away with me.

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raining as we left east iceland! (still some vegetation as you can see)

dismal dismal dismal weather - we left egilsstadir in rain and cloudy skies, it didnt looked like the sun would shine, ashi rode on the ass killa - coz i said i dont want to leave the shit lada anymore :P wahahaha, i sat in front with dave as our driver, with ian and mark at the back.

i put my bags at the back of the shit lada and only have my cam, my thermos with darjeeling tea and surprisingly :P david b.'s cheddar cheese and bread knife. there isnt much to see on the road anyway, with clouds and rain. this was the time i bonded with the 3 of them - as i munched on the cheddar cheese - we talked alot of things inside the shit lada - coz it doenst have any radio, poor little lada, it's really shit. lol hahahaha.

i never knew that i had so many things in common with these guys! ok i admit - i grew up with "american influences" - tv programms, the american humor, music, hollywood, films, books and literatures etc.

dave concentrates on the road!
but surprisingly, our main topic as dave was driving was about american fastfood!!!!! oh i just love fastfood! those burgers and sauces to die for! :D you wont believe this, but we talked about carl's junior! :D i missed carls junior! we used to have a carl's junior near my house in the philippines but it closed after half a year :( because we still love mcdonalds :D anyway - youre probably wondering what has got to do with this blog?! lol - to travel with people you dont know - personally -  having things in common is the first sign of bonding :P lol

then the ass killa radioed and asked us to turn the headlights on at daytime coz its customary in europe while driving and asked if we were ok - to be honest i didnt understood the "english" coz it was big matt whos talking with his "bri'sh" accent lol ahahaha so i handed it to mark :P as i dont know how to use a walkie talkie anyway lol waahahahaha - ask me to roll a cigarette for you and i can do it in 5 seconds! :D

as we drove - the landscape dramatically changed again - the sun fought its way through the clouds and we had light! the rain stopped and it didnt even rained in this area! only dark clouds hovered.

after leaving east iceland - this was the landscape! it was like MORDOR! and this was near to the arctic circle!
but the landscape was stunning!

the landscape was just rocks, boulders, stones, hills made of rocks, and more rocks! it looked quite scary if your car broke down here - it will take hours or probably half a day before another car would pass through and its so desolate - it isnt the personification of the country of "ice"land - this is a desert near to the arctic circle as we are now in the north of iceland! gone were the little vegetation, glaciers - and small forests - were in the middle of a desert! it's cold, desolate and windy - i tell you - its scary but stunning at the same time!

would you believe that both me and dave said at the same time that it looked like MORDOR from the lord of the rings?!!!! my imagination ran away at me that time - i knew that i was so far away from my home, the landscape is alien to me.

it looked like mt. doom from LOTR!

dave and me kept rattling about how frodo and sam were walking barefoot in this hostile place of how they would be able to reach the tower of barad-dûr and mount doom! hahahahahahaha i know it sounded crazy but were salivating on that fiction!

the road leads to nowhere - left and right all we saw were baren hills and landscape - dreary and gloomy and it was an hour drive! we came across no cars in this desolate place.

but its beautiful...... the place is haunting and full of sadness, i wish we couldve have stopped somewhere beside the road - but there were no places to park a car-  which mean we have to drive further!

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raining as we left east iceland! (…
raining as we left east iceland! …
dave concentrates on the road!
dave concentrates on the road!
after leaving east iceland - this …
after leaving east iceland - this…
it looked like mt. doom from LOTR!
it looked like mt. doom from LOTR!
photo by: lauro