leaving for denmark on a 12 hour train and kjúklingur! a what?! lol

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still have danish kroner when i was in denmark 3 years ago :D good times!

after 13 months of waiting - finally - this is it! im leaving this evening from düsseldorf to copenhagen on a 12 hour train journey - i hope i would get sleep and not too annoyed by the border police between denmark and germany. the reason why i booked a train rather than flying is that i wanna see the landscape of denmark again! its so beautiful! specially crossing the storebæltsforbindelsen! the great belt fixed link bridge! im so excited to travel denmark on land for its is a country where i cross with so many gigantic bridges! lol.

last night i could'nt sleep, i went to bed at 4:30 am, i went crazy, i unpacked all my stuff in the bags and packed them again lol. well yes, im excited but at the same time agigated - i dont know why - well maybe because after 8 months without any travels, it felt "new" for me to be able to get out of germany again! lol.

ive been learning some icelandic words if i am going to buy food - since i dont eat lamb, sheep, whale or shark lol and the only word that's stuck in my head is " kjúklingur" ahahahahaha which is simply - chicken! lol

i had never been away for more than a week carrinyg winter clothes - because its heavy to carry and too much space - but i will be away for two weeks, and its already winter temperature in iceland - so i better bring heavy winter clothes - i would look stupid if i wore them already :P so i stuffed them all in the bags! and im dreading to carry my military sleeping bag - sheesh its already 2.

all set!
5 kilos heavy! arrrghhh and this is also the time that i regretted buying a dslr camera because it adds more and more weight! arrrgghhhh!

well theres no sense in complaining if i would not freeze to death! after 8 months of taking care of someone's children it's about time for some kjúklingur action!!!!!! lol hahahahahha




im so sad that i would be able to bring my converse shoes :((( they were my constant companion for the great adventures i had been to *sniff* coz theres no more space in the damn bags! aaargghghghg

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still have danish kroner when i wa…
still have danish kroner when i w…
all set!
all set!
photo by: Chokk