last morning of roadtrip/camping, preparing for the glacier hike & a surprise meeting!

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our last sunrise in iceland.

after seeing the northern lights fade from the night, i tried to sleep - but dave was making things difficult - he was snoring the whole evening - i had to kick the headboard every 15-20 minutes to make him shift position and stop snoring even for a fw minutes- i was tempted to throw a jacket on his face :P lol or secretly strangle him with a towel :P lol hahahahaha

apparently, it would be the last sunrise i would experience in iceland.

waking up in the morning with a bad sleep - i could feel my bones, i think im gonna crack and would not be able to make it to the glacier hike, too tired from lack of sleep. i saw big matt taking pics of he gorgeous sunrise at Þingvallavatn. i woke dave up, we packed things up - our sleeping bags and got dressed.

iceland's equivalent of traffic jam on the main highway :P (pic grabbed from ian tb: saltycoco)
most of the guys were up too - the plan was to be back at reykjavik at 11 am because our glacier hike will be at 12 pm!

it was around 8 am, we ate breakfast really quick and drove off back into the direction of rekjavik. but before that - janja and mark played football near the lake and the poor wilson was kicked so hard by mark that it went past janja and went directly into the water :P no one would want to get it - since its too cold to swim (our tents and tarp and cars had ICE and frosted overnight) so we left poor wilson floating in the lake and i dont want to think about what the hostel guy would think because we stole it from there! :/



reykjavik wasnt far from our camping spot - in less than 40 minutes we were entering its metro area - and the familiar sight - the esjan mountain range came into view - funny and ironic that we saw on the last day the first adventure we had in iceland.

mt. hekla! the most active volcano in iceland that erupts every 10 years!
i dont want to cry, but i had a little bit of tear in my eye.

as we entered reykjavik proper - all eyes and cars were looking at our battered trucks! lol with the names ass killa, bandit and shit lada - covered in pasty mud - they were laughing and gawking - but i dont care! not many people can do what we did and im proud of my gang!

we had a bit of problem gas-ing the cars, the petrol station was only 5 mins walk from the hostel and i said i want to go and so was dave, ian, mark and amber - who was really really sick - she was crouching already on the steps and she said she will miss the glacier hike :( poor ambs. anyway, there wasnt anyone on the hostel and it was LOCKED, no choice we have to call the number - as i was with americans ahd their phones dont work on european lines - arrrghhhh lousy telecoms they have lol - i volunteered to call since (no choice lol) coz i have vodafone, in just 5 minutes - thank god it wasnt the creepy and grumpy hostel guy who came it was another and he knows about the "complicated" booking so he let us in.

on the way to sólheimajökull glacier!

as we all got in - everyone wanted to go to the shower!!!!! arrghh ok so i would shower later anyway after the glacier hike. i was with janja, erik and jeff in the same room donwstairs - i quickly hid my things in the cupboards :P because there would be percentage that jeff would pee on stuff again if he's drunk and its quite expensive to buy clothes in iceland! hahahahahaha so better be safe than be sorry :P

i went up and someone said that a person was lookin gor me - IT WAS HRABBI!!!!!!!!!! my co-organizer for the meet up in reykjavik!!!!!! we hugged each other - finally!!!! an icelandic person that i know! hahahahahaha we talked briefly because i have to hurry - the glacier hike people will come in about 30 minutes to pick us up. we agreed to meet at café oliver at 9 pm! we said goodbye to each other but we will see us later again!

apparently david b. wasnt coming also :(((((( as the roadtrip also took toll on him and he got sick (i was really sad that he wasnt there) but he said all he need was a good sleep and he will party at us on the night! ok thats good enough!

i went down to prepare - then suddenly - the biggest and tallest icelandic guy i had ever seen loomed at our wall and asked who maike was! lol it was the glacier company - and theyre expecting us at 5 minutes! oh my god i have to hurry - i just put everything in my bag - the beans and bread and pepsi. it would be a long drive to sólheimajökull from reykjavik - around 2.30 hours. we quickly went to the 2 bus cars that would drive us there - me, janja, ashi, ian and jeff were with two other american tourists that would also want to hike the glacier - we set out from reykjavik and our guide - jóhan was very cool and funny!



i got to know the american couple who were very nice and having their vacation in iceland, on the way jóhan explained and pinted at us mt. hekla which in every 10 years erupts - the most active volcano in iceland. i ate my beans along the way - the sunny weather in reykjavik became cloudy here - oh no :( i ate my beans as my lunch - not enough really i was still hungry - then we on the way - we had a bit of traffic jam :P lol - horses were being herded by famers on the road - took us almost 30 minutes before we passed them! as someone said - it was an equivalent to icelandic traffic jam :P lol hahahahahhaa we rested on a gas station and i bought doritos and pepsi - gotta need energy for today's hike! and of course, we couldnt help but brag that we saw the elusive northern lights! even jóhan was impressed!

finally after two hours - we arrived ON A SUNNY DAY (unbelievable) at sólheimajökull glacier!

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our last sunrise in iceland.
our last sunrise in iceland.
icelands equivalent of traffic ja…
iceland's equivalent of traffic j…
mt. hekla! the most active volcano…
mt. hekla! the most active volcan…
on the way to sólheimajökull gla…
on the way to sólheimajökull gl…
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