jeff: (stomping his feet on the ground) no no no - YOURE COMING WITH US!

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as usual, i was the first to get up - it was around 7 am when i got out of bed - it was amazing to sleep straight on a soft matresss WITHOUTH ANYONE SNORING lol.

i went out to smoke and suprisingly i found janja sitting on a chair outside! it stopped raining but it was stll cloudy - then janja looked a bit perplexed because.... her expensive hat was.... well damaged lol. apparently jeff last night, didnt made it to the bathroom to get the "water" out from his body - instead - he "poured" all his feelings lol in the room where they were sleeping and it somehow targeted janja's hat and.... david b.'s books :D lol hahahaha. then in the horizon, i told janja - when the clouds diespersed - that its already snowing the high mountains! funny though - i wasnt cold - i was only even wearing a jumper and i didnt felt cold! that was strange!

then maike was up too and told me that the glacier hike company - who was a no show some days ago - called her and rearranged for a rescheduled tour at saturday - where we would be back to have a travbuddy meet up and we would not be back till 8 pm the latest! oh no - the meet up would be at 7 pm! so i sent an sms to alyssa (who was still in the us)  that the meet up will be changed to 9 pm - she doenst sound happy with that and i felt guilty too - sent a message to hrabbi (my co-organizer in the meet up in reykjavik) and still waiting for his reply.

so after boiling water and putting them in the thermos, packing things back in the car - and eating breakfast - i had to make an announcement, but i told maike beforehand that i would be doing this.

when everyone gathered and ready to move, i told them that i would not be joining the glacier hike as i will kave to meet the other travbuddies that would come to the dinner and meet up - its a personal choice and whover doenst want to go to the glacier and refund their money would also have their choice.

suddenly - jeff - voiced out - stomped his feet on the ground and said NO NO NO, you have to go with us lauro, its not hte same withouth you. lol i couldnt laugh in front, but inside i was was laughing coz he was like a child lol! hahahahahaa

so i just said as usual "we will see" lol hahahahaha then we headed off into the north of iceland!

sleepingsunshine says:
you were lucky not trying out the 'human shower'!
Posted on: Nov 14, 2010
lauro says:
:D at least i wrote it with fantasy and imagination :P of what really happened that evening! :P hahaha
Posted on: Nov 12, 2010
sleepingsunshine says:
hahaha, well, yeah, sort of ;p Immediately I had this image popped up in my head, toilet with beds inside, and people sleeping next to the bowl hahaha :p grossssss!
Posted on: Nov 12, 2010
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