invasion of icelandic teenagers (literally) in a small supermarket!

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guys getting out of the car (i like this pic though :P looks like men in black hahaha :P - guess what?! big matt was not limping anymore :P)

as we drove away from hverarönd sulfur springs, the weather changed again from sunny to cloudy - but it stopped raining - lol - thats crazy - cant have sun all the way - but i or we werent complaining - everything went smoothly - on the 6th day of roadtrip none of us had any major injury - except if you counted "humping a tree" and limping your foot after............... :P

anyway - we drove just a little bit and suddenly the ass killa stopped again and drove into some sort of platform :P lol i can see from the car what the site was - mývatn lake! as we got out of the car and took pics - the lake lay beyond the horizon and from atop the platform view - lots of geothermal things going around :D lol smoke was coming out from everywhere and i could see some "copy cat" of the blue lagoon from one of the geothermal source.

lake mývatn in the distance, and in the foreground - the "fake" blue lagoon lol and some geothermal plants.
we didnt stayed longer there - and the plan of camping by the lake on this day was crossed off from the schedule - ITS STILL EARLY TO SET UP CAMP! lol it was around 2:30 pm something like that :P we drove too fast here in the north and maike said we would drive as far the sunlight would take us and camp :P

so we got again in the car and we tried to find an n1 gas station in the town because our cars can only be loaded with n1 petrol. luckily we found one and we tanked up and decided to shop for groceries and the guys wanted to eat in the diner.

while the guys went inside, i smoked outside first before i headed to the small supermarket - and then suddenly 2 LARGE BUSES parked - i thought at first they were tourists buses because they all looked the same :P but when the "people" got out - eeeeeekkk they were teenagers and they crowded the small shop! i went inside and you cant believe the chaos what was going on - i gotta find dast what i wanted to buy - sadly - its impossible to move - but finally! they have what i had been looking for!!!! HEINZ BEANS!!!! i bought 3 small cans of beans, a chicken mushroom noodle soup, a bacon flavored tuc crackers and a bottle of pepsi (thats gonna be my dinner lol) - i gotta get out from here or i would be squashed with these teenagers :P

as i fall in line - i saw - harri and the guys waiting at the diner for their orders - it would take time because of the chaos inside.

a geothermal plant!
it took me forever to pay my stuff! the thing that annoys me - i mean not in iceland but in general - when teenagers buy in the shops - they buy the same stuff per person - like one bottle of coke for this kid and another bottle of coke for this kid - they dont put them all together - you get what i mean.

as i went out - some guys who had their orders before were eating beside a huge group of school children from the other bus. amber as usual - ordered fries which she shares with rj who keeps sniffing for other people's food :P hahahahahaha. im not that hungry coz i ate in the car anyway. so i smoked beside the guys while theyre finishing their stuff off and once in a while - teasing rj :P hahahahahaha.

after we ate - it was about 4 pm (and i couldnt believe that it was the same time that the teenagers went back to their buses and drove off arrrrghhhhh!!) - but the clouds finally dissapeared - for the moment and the sun shone.

so we drove ahead and im really looking forward to our next destination!


lauro says:
of all the things you noticed - its the hairtsyle! lol and would you believe i have to google who justin bieber is?!!! hahahaa

david!!!! are you missing us?! lol
Posted on: Nov 16, 2010
David says:
Don't forget they all had Justin Bieber haircuts too.
Posted on: Nov 16, 2010
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guys getting out of the car (i lik…
guys getting out of the car (i li…
lake mývatn in the distance, and …
lake mývatn in the distance, and…
a geothermal plant!
a geothermal plant!
photo by: sandraljoska