into the west, the gateway to the poignant moorland and heathland of snæfellsnes!

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the gateway to west iceland - the snaefellsnes peninsula!

from borðeyri we didnt drove into the ring road n1, instead we drove into a secondary road leading into snaefellsness. after 6 days of roadtrip, our cars had endured every weather thrown at us. the cars looked like they had gone through some military action  - dust and mud covered them - like operation desert storm :P lol

it was really a strange weather - raining and sunshine - the windshield of the little shit lada - looked cakey with mud - the sunshine dried the mud quickly and it looked like our car just got some mudpack! hahahahaha.

we finally entered snaefellsnes peninsula - and it was so breathtaking! many icelanders and people who had been to iceland told me that we should not miss going here - because it is a different world than the rest of iceland. i really dont know what to expect - i looked at the pics of snaefellsnes in the internet and it looked pretty much the same from the rest of iceland - more like the southern part actually.

stone marking overlooking hvammsfjörður - if it were not fenced below i would have ran!
but when we got here - IT IS REALLY DIFFERENT. it has the autumn colors of Þingvellir national park, the table mountains and cliffs of east iceland, the fjords of north iceland and the waterfalls of south iceland!!!! can you imagine that?!! a small peninsula that has everything in iceland has to offer?!!!! my research was right - it said the snaefellsnes is a "mini iceland"! - now all it was missing is a  glacier - lets see what snaefellsjökull has to offer!

as we drove through the gateway of snaefellsnes at hvammsfjörður, i was jus just in awe, not only the landscape was a combination of all iceland but it also has moorlands and heathlands. we drove a little bit further until we came to a point where the fjord ends and into a view of the open sea.

it was amazing as i never knew that iceland had many small islands - an archipelago! the only islands i know are surtsey and vestmannaeyjar (long story but we had a book about it in the 6th grade lol).

islets in hvammsfjörður with moorland and heathland.

we stopped for a while here and enjoyed the breathaking view - i had to kick myself for not using my slr - but i am saving its batteries for snaefellsjökull itself - but its a good thing because i can concentrate more on looking at this awe-inspiring landscape!!!!!

we were in a cliff which a road cuts through - beyond it was the sea and in the horizon were the were the west fjords, but in between them - a beautiful moorland and heathland domniated the landscae - plus little islands in an archipelago group - and some houses were constructed on the little islands - i swear! and what was eerie - was that a rusting and decaying ship was anchored into the shallow sea! it was like something out from a novel i was reading.

.... a wuthering heights similarity. now i know why the great poets and storytellerslive in europe - the landscape gives them vision and inspired them to write stories which i was pulled through when i was a child. in my mind - i could see myself running into the moors - so wild, so free and perhaps feel myself again as a young inoccent person as i was before. it was so fucking beautiful, god damn it!

with the fire burning in my heart and before i could think of somethign stupid (hey im not angsty anymore, and i learned how to control myself :P) the guys finally went back to the car - i was do dejectingly looking for the last time - how so beautiful the place was.  iceland suprised me so much, it made love to me the very beginning but not at this point that i was giving the love back.

i was stupid but i hope its not too late.

oh iceland, youre so beautiful. it fucking hurts.

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the gateway to west iceland - the …
the gateway to west iceland - the…
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stone marking overlooking hvammsf…
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islets in hvammsfjörður with mo…
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