Þingvellir, halfway between europe and north america in fading light.

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raining, dark and cloudy but the blazing colors stood out!

leaving esjan mountain range and heading back to the car, harri came up to me - with a light and gleam in his eyes, he asked me where to next?! i could see the excitement in his eyes of our first introduction in iceland - i told him  - the day would be busy - we will still be going to a ridge that divides europe and north america.. geysirs.. perhaps a waterfall.... ive never seen harri smiled so broadly!

going back to the cars - we left the short gravel road and back to the highway an on to Þingvellir! it was strange - we wrove into the clouds - and suddenly the sun was gone! the light quickly fade away but it was only like 4 pm - the power of the sun was hidden behind the clouds. there wasnt any rain but the mood was gloomy, contratings with light and deep green, fiery red mosses and lichens that crept and housed their way into huge boulders of rocks along the highway!

the toyota land cruiser and the lada niva groups stopped so many time to take pics of these eerie rocks lol.

the continental divide between europe and north america!
while us on the landrover defender continued driving - we led the pack of the car convoy.

clouds hover above us and to my horror -  IT RAINED arrrrghhhhhh. the myth of icelandic weather that changes every now and then was true! sunny and then cloudy then rain! uuuggghhh i dont wanna think about what would be coming next! from inside the car, it looked windy and chilly outside. what happened to the sunny weather at esjan?!

driving into Þingvellir national park - it was unbelievable! the sky was cloudy, gloomy and dreary BUT the colors of the landscape were ALL RED contrasting with the black and grey rocks of the environment - its was like the entire place was bleeding!

the good about the sights and attractions in iceland is that they are free of charges, eventhough the country is super-expensive, the tourist places in the nature are complimentary like Þingvellir national park.

Þingvallavatn! i compared it to the dead marshes in the lord of the rings!

we went out of the cars and eventhough it was dark, there were still lots of tourists milling around. the entrance to the national has some informations about Þingvellir, which is the very first parliament in iceland (that doenst interest me actually llol - hate politics) AND it is also where the tectonic plate that divides europe and north america. it is also the place in iceland where the plates can really be seen by normal people! i mean its just there staring right in front of us!

looking also at the lake Þhingvallavatn, i couldnt help myself from being too imaginative - as i compared it to the dead marshes from the lord of the rings book! and somewhere behind it was mordor! (i will talk about it later in the next blogs which was almost the exact position in the map of middle earh from lotr!) lol.

i tried to take pics - the problem was - it was too dark and i dont want to use flash - since we are camping and i only have 2 batteries with me and in the cold weather - batteries die faster. so i tried making the iso of my camera higher - but eeek pictures are too grainy and it was raining. i dont want any damage on my cam - for god's sake were just starting the trip lol and you wouldnt believe it that every big trip like this i always damage my cam! so no no no no - i dont want my cam to be damaged. i also promised david. b to make profile pics of him - but it didnt turned out good! boo hoo. im such a lousy photographer :(

after climbing on some volcanic rocks, it got really dark and rainy - its time to go and move to the next stop - geysir! we waited for matt and jeff who wandered a bit far - it also gave me the time to smoke and when they arrived - we set off!

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raining, dark and cloudy but the b…
raining, dark and cloudy but the …
the continental divide between eur…
the continental divide between eu…
Þingvallavatn! i compared it to t…
Þingvallavatn! i compared it to …
photo by: vances