guten morgen iceland, a promise of endless horizon! and the birth of the cars! hahahaha

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david b.'s tent :P

i was awaken by light shining through the window, i looked at the clock 7:00 am - it was unbelievable! i seldom get up this early! i got a good sleep to be honest! curled inside the sleeping bag and inside the car - i felt warm the whole night! i peered though the window - someone was already awake - it was erik! i also looked at the land cruiser and saw janja moving - i think it was time to get up! so i did - and when i packed my sleeping bag and put on extra jumper and my jacket AND my 2 layered gloves - was chilly early in the morning - some guys were already awake - big matt and lieke. i puffed some cigarettes before letting myself into action, it was too early for me - but im not sleepy in fact im ready for some adventure! 

i took some pics of daybreak before the others would wake up and before they could pack up their tents - the sky was getting clearer and hues of orange and blue hovered in the sky and in the horizon, open spaces of fields which seemed endless! that was one of the beautiful mornings i've seen, i think, because were doing something special that made the effect of the morning distinctive and exeptional! good morning iceland!

i met janja outside and said to her "guten morgen!" hahaha we both laughed and said guten morgen to each other (the one of many we said to each other!!) then erik started boiling water and asked him if i can have some? when it was ready, i came up to him and he asked curiously what i am going to do with it and he looked at my pack of soup and he was soooooooooooo EXCITED to read german - "heisse tasse" hahahahahaha it was a hot soup of tomato and croutons - thats it - we began speaking german till the end of the trip!  after i got my hot water i drank the soup together with crackers and looking at everybody having "first class" breakfast of milk and cereals :P i wanted it too but i do have lactose intolerance so i cant drink milk boo hoo.

guten morgen iceland! beautiful morning!

after everyone finished their meal, i asked david b. how did he lspet and he said he slept good and warm . thats good enough :P i dont want him to be the first one to crack on the trip hahaahahahaa. i brushed my teeth to where some farm horses were grazing :P oh god - the water in my mouth was so cold! i thought my teeth would fall apart! hahahahahaha after brushing my teeth and others too, we were ready to drive - all the way to sólheimajökull glacier,  we need to be there at 10:30 am! our first hike that we booked through a company!

as we drove away from the campsite - i had no idea that were camping near the sea! thats why it was so windy! but there were no sound of waves - the sea was quite calm. then we stopped first in a gas station in selfoss, i dont know what they were doing - until i realized that most people need toilets! lol i bought pancakes and rj - eyed it immediately! hahahahaha asked what it was and i told him well - PANCAKES lol there was a look of longing on his face :P i went outside and surprisingly i bumped into david b.

our little campsite on the first night!
again and he asked what i bough, i quickly hid it away hahahahahahah but i told him it was pancakes - but i looked longingly at KFC resto just beside the gas station, i want chicken! but the store is still unfortunately close boo hoo.

some of us were waiting outside and it took a looooooong time before the guys came out! what in the world were they doing in the gas station?! i almost had 4 cigarettes when they came out! curiously i watched harri, rj and jeff doing some "artworks" on the car - LOL we all laughed as they nicknamed the cars using electric tape ahahahahahahahaha. they give the land cruiser "bandit" as nickname, the defender "ass killa" (coz it really kills your ass at the back! lol) and the poor lada niva as "shit" hahhahaha the lada guys - mark, ashi, ian and dave wanted to call it "lada crap" hahha but it was too long, so "shit" it was! hahahahaha after some picture taking and teasing we were set to go and drive nonstop on the way to sólheimajökull glacier and hike! bring it on!

lauro says:
you never asked! you only looked! well... looked longingly apparently hahaha
Posted on: Oct 28, 2010
RJ82 says:
you never shared that pancakes. =[
Posted on: Oct 27, 2010
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david b.s tent :P
david b.'s tent :P
guten morgen iceland! beautiful mo…
guten morgen iceland! beautiful m…
our little campsite on the first n…
our little campsite on the first …
hahaha dave with the shit lada l…
hahaha dave with the "shit" lada …
guys making artwork over the car…
guys making "artwork" over the ca…
rj making his art while jeff, am…
rj making his "art" while jeff, a…
i couldnt believe that rj IS an ar…
i couldnt believe that rj IS an a…
hahahahahahahah :D
hahahahahahahah :D
bandit! i never got to ride it!
bandit! i never got to ride it!
beautiful sunrise!
beautiful sunrise!
good morning iceland!
good morning iceland!
photo by: mountaingirl