goðafoss, into the waterfall of the fallen gods.

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me, sitting (and smoking) at the edge of the rocks with goðafoss at my back :P

sometimes i dont understand myself - i said before that i was not hungry while watching the guys eat at the parking lot of the gas station at mývatn, but as soon as we were in the car - i got hungry! lol hahahaha. so - even if i was saving those heinz beans for dinner, i couldnt resist attacking one can :D. i fished for my fork somewhere in my bag - and as i opened the can, i felt..... sad :( it reminded me two years ago, as i had a similar roadtrip in spain and portugal - one dear dear dear friend, rubs - gave me a huge can of heinz beans as a birthday present. i miss the old gang.......

attacking the beans - i looked out of the window - the landscape changed SO DRAMATICALLY AGAIN. from the barren cold land in the north-east of iceland - here - nearing akureyri (the second largest city in iceland) - vegetation started to grow again (maybe because of lake mývatn?) the rocks and earth were covered with lichens and moss just like the ones we saw in the south of iceland - near Þingvellir.

me and david b.! :P
i spoke to ian who sat beside me that every hour of driving in iceland - watch out for the changing of the landscape (and weather).

as ive said, i know our next destination - goðafoss. it is one of the few places in the north of iceland that has informations in the internet - it was very odd how goðafoss got its name - a man who converted into christianity threw all the norse god icons into the waterfall! - so thats how goðafoss - got its name!

we drove into the south portion of lake mývatn - it was so beautiful to stop - problem was - the area where we were driving was fenced - its impossible to stop on the road - the best view were from the part which was fenced - and when i saw a road which was not fenced - the view wasnt that great.

the skjálfandafljót river flows to become goðafoss.
. anyway..

so we drove and i finished eating my beans and im having a hard time where to stack it - suddenly withouth warning - dave just drove into some sort of parking lot with a bridge and with a river flowing under - there was also a shop (which was closed) and............... a trashcan! :D so i went there and dumped trash - goðafoss can be seen from the restaurant - the mist was spraying - even through were still "a bit far" - the other cars were already there and when we parked - the other guys were already exploring.

we arrived somewhere around 4 pm and looking at goðafoss - it is so very different from dettifoss - there - only rocks and sand can be seen and the flow of water is fast and thundering. here at goðafoss, the water flows so gracefully - its not as high as dettiffoss or any other falls that we had seen around iceland, but there was something magical about the place.

the skjálfandafljót river.
perhaps the old norse gods guarded this waterfall. most of the guys have decided that goðafoss was the most beautiful waterfall they had seen in iceland.

there are many cataracts in the waterfall and there is a small river which can be crossed by foot - i went there and examined it - it was icy but the brown patches of earth make it stunning to look at. the source of the river skjálfandafljót that flows to become goðafoss was high in the mountains beyond in the higlands of iceland which was covered by clouds. there were also other people there besides us - but as soon as we as a big group "invaded" the place - they went a step back lol.

we spent an hour in the falls before calling it a day. we all agreed that we would never see any more "touristic waterfalls" since we already seen them all! lol

well - it would be a long drive maike told us for us to find a camping spot.

the guys at the edge of the rocks snapping pics :P
before heading to the cars, i received an sms from hrabbi that everything was taken care of for our travbuddy meet up in reykjavik! i was smiling while i was texting my phone - then all of a sudden - i realized that our car was driven off by someone! who played a dirty trick on us to make us WALK FAR arrrghh (was it harri?!!!) lol

but all was in good spirit - i could not complain!


lauro says:
arrrrghh so it was you who made our live miserable!!!! lol hahahaha
Posted on: Nov 14, 2010
Globevoyager says:
Hahahahahaha no it was me driving the SHIT Lada away :p and then I stole the keys too
Posted on: Nov 14, 2010
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me, sitting (and smoking) at the e…
me, sitting (and smoking) at the …
me and david b.! :P
me and david b.! :P
the skjálfandafljót river flows …
the skjálfandafljót river flows…
the skjálfandafljót river.
the skjálfandafljót river.
the guys at the edge of the rocks …
the guys at the edge of the rocks…
photo by: sandraljoska