a glacier volcano named from the troll Þóri and go little shit lada! show them what you've got!

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me in kaldidalur and Þórisjökull glacier in the background. it was the most beautiful glacier i had seen in iceland.

we drove further through kaldidalur and the glacier in the distance suddenly became clearer - looking at the map again - i had a hard time distinguishing it between langjökull and Þórisjökull. the road going through the glacier was still "mild" off road lol. it was bumpy yes - but we got used to it, since dave handled driving through kaldidalur pretty well.

for a moment of driving we drove upwards - we looked as though we driving into the sky! you know the view? - big blue sky ahead, low clouds hanging and no view into the horizon, only the big blue endless sky. after we passed the upward road  (sorry hard for me to express in writing lol but oyu get the idea!) - the glacier in front of us came into view! this glacier was different from all the other glaciers ive seen in iceland - it has some bluish tinge on it and the ice is smoother to look from afar - maybe there's not much climbing activity on this glacier - who knows?! anyway - as we "traversed" through kaldidalur in this area - the road became rougher and thougher! it seemed it rained here before but the sun quickly dried the water and turned it into pasty mud! a big challenge for our 4x 4 cars as we drove through this nasty route of kaldidalur!

were bumping inside the little shit lada! it felt as we were rocked in a rocking chair so violently! mud and water splashed on the windows as dave tried his very best to keep us all in one shape! we were full of "whoa's" and "wa'ahs" lol inside the shit lada - but it handled pretty well all the elements thats been throwned at us! the bandit lagged behind :P and we laughed :P lol hahahahaha i mean come on! since from the very beginning - we were all laughing at the shit lada because it looked frail compared to the landrover and landcruiser! but in this dire situation - the shit lada was at its very best! inside the ass killa (landrover) i experienced riding it off road in the road along sólheimajökull glacier - and it was fucking scary coz it felt like the 4x4 would break itself!!! lol but here in the shit lada - eventhough it doenst have any seatbelts :P it was a "comfortable" bumpy ride! lol hahahaha GO SHIT LADA!.

Þórisjökull glacier and volcano in its glory.

we got closer to the glacier - and withouth a shadow of doubt - it was the glacier - Þórisjökull, because - IT was small and a bit round at shape - we drove through the east side of it. the kaldidalur route here was between Þórisjökull and the volcano ók from the west - according to the map from the car rental company!

what 's amazing about Þórisjökull is that the glacier volcano was name after a troll named Þóri which was believed to live in a cave in the glacier - probably comparable to the yeti in the himalayas. it is pretty strange that in colder regions of the world they have the same superstitions and cultures. superstition or not - of all the glaciers i had seen in iceland - for me - Þórisjökull is the most beautiful glacier i had seen!

after all the bumps, ups and downs in kaldidalur - we safely drove its 40 kms stretch and finally - a straight - but not yet paved road came into view! kaldidalur was behind us - and were driving again into vegetation and a bit of civilization can been from the distance.

the ass killa (land rover defender) lead the way as we drove through the east side of Þórisjökull.

iceland never really failed to impress us or me - its like, ok - the adventure "program" ended at snaefellsjökull - just about 3 hours ago - were not expecting anything more - but suddenly - iceland still wanted us to see more of her beauty and we ended up here in another world - a mordor like landscape - so barren, so desolate - full of rocks, boulders and massive glaciers dominate the landscape but in this "desert" there is life - because the river kalda flows through with the glaciers as its source.

there was a poetry in this place.

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me in kaldidalur and Þórisjökul…
me in kaldidalur and Þórisjöku…
Þórisjökull glacier and volcano…
Þórisjökull glacier and volcan…
the ass killa (land rover defender…
the ass killa (land rover defende…
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