the flora of the icelandic tundra and the northernmost spot on the earth i had been.

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ashi standing at a ridge and selfoss in the distance.

while the others went back to the cars to eat - some of us still went to to see selfoss, i was susprised - harri suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the rocks! he was egging me to join the bandit car :P (land cruiser) but i kept stalling :P hahahaha the seats at bandit is bumpy :P lol, but it was about time i talked to harri, i met him last year before he flew to se asia with my friends. he's still the same old chap i had conversations with except for his long curly hair he grew :P lol. the look on his eyes was like a kid opening up his christmas gifts - i know he was astounded and amazed from all the places weve been to in iceland - and there's still more to come! harri hinted that he wanted to organise something like this in two years (coz hes planning to go to south america next year)  - because i told him that it took me a year to plan this camping/roadtrip/hiking with maike!

harri followed the other guys who wanted to see selfoss - while as usual i lagged behind - i climbed some slab of rocks and just took pics of selfoss from my vantage point because the best view of selfoss would e on the other side - because if i got nearer - the cataract of the waterfall could not be seen because it was on our side.

the icelandic earth - cold, but the place is the northernmost spot i had been to on earth.
i just zoomed the lens - but it wasnt powerful to zoom enough - and the day was cloudy and dreary.

i was a bit tired too and hungry - and i dont want to overexert myself again or ill get sick again and i dot want to miss the remaining action of the roadtrip - were on our 5th day! then suddenly dave appeared out of nowehere! why are all the people appearing out of nowhere beside me?!!! LOL ohhhhh as big fans of LOTR we let our imagination ran away with us again! we talked about the similarity of the landscape where gollum attacked the poor hobbits at night! and jokingly we said that maybe gollum would spring out of nowhere and attack us :P lol wahahahahaha but i guess gollum wouldnt have to do that :P people had been appearing out from nowhere beside me :P lol hahahaha

as i went back - it was my first time to actually look down to where i was walking - and i didnt saw the little shrubs that grew from the ground! i was always looking left/right and into the horizon! i got excited - it was like a science experiment for me! lol i mean to actually find something living and growing on such a hostile landscape!

i slowly examined the small shrubs that grow on black and grainy volcanic soil.

the flora of the icelandic tundra.
since its autumn, the colors had changed, but their roots made them buried into the icelandic earth. i hope the waterfalls here continue to flow and give "life" in the place, because i am sure, for the next thousands of years - a small forest would evolve here - but at the rate of the melting glaciers in iceland - the water would last in less than 400 years - which is really sad, of how the earth is warming and would affect the balance of life.

i still explored that little area i was in - there were shrubs growing between stones and i took pics of them - as i have said they would probably last only as water flows here.

i saw the guys heading back towards the parking lot but i still stayed, for a brief moment, i touched the earth in iceland, it was so cold and icy but i smiled, it was another milestone in my short life - this is the most northernmost spot on the earth i had been, and i felt warm, for the nth time i would say, iceland never fails to amaze my spirit.

shrubs growing between the stones and volcanic soil.

i followed the guys back to the car - deep in my thoughts and as usual :P i lagged again :P but hey! at least it was a super productive day today! :D

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ashi standing at a ridge and selfo…
ashi standing at a ridge and self…
the icelandic earth - cold, but th…
the icelandic earth - cold, but t…
the flora of the icelandic tundra.
the flora of the icelandic tundra.
shrubs growing between the stones …
shrubs growing between the stones…
Selfoss Waterfall
photo by: ana_pt