first night of wild camping, a police scare and a battle of strange wits of two geminis! lol

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having fun camping on the first night with strong winds! :D bring on the booze! lol

climbing in the cars and driving into the south - the group in the landrover defender were listening to music and erik had been handling out some bonbons! gummi bears i think, i dont like it because its sticky between the teeth! we were listening to music and madonna's like a prayer played again lol. i had to laugh as janja put on her mp3 player and she was singing loud - for everyone of us to hear - in slovenian :P and she was rapping! lol not that i dont want to hear janja rapping :P lol but i miss my music, so i put on my mp3 player and started sorting through the music while driving in darkness, trying to be at least close to sólheimajökull glacier which was around 140 kms. far.

then one song on my mp3 player played, amazingly in the darkness, with clear skies, the reflection of langjökull glacier can be seen in the distance, and when the chorus of the song played - damn it, i had tears in my eyes lol.

harri agreed to put his weight inside the tarp :D
i guess im just missing someone on trip, it was so unfair that he couldnt come, weve been through alot and im sure in this trip we'll get wacko again lol. anyway, i guess everything happens for a reason, who knows, someday well make together a great trip again!

damn it, after that emo emo emo, i was quiet the whole trip at the back of the defender!

then after crossing some bridges, we stopped into a a gas station - the small lada niva needed some gas and we went inside the shop. i was surprised at how maike, janja, big matt ang lieke were at the cashier - holding a map and asking the personnel where is a a good spot to camp! LOL hahahahaha these guys are real travelrs - not ashamed to ask and sometimes can be FORCEFUL in needy times lol ahahahahaha.

harri crawling inside the tarp while the dutchies, maike, erik, lieke and wilmke did all the tarping work!

im not that hungry anyway, but i bought a bag cheese doritos, and after the guys had been able to agree on a camping spot with the help of friendly icelandic personnel from the gas station - we set off!

and not long after, we were driving away from town lights and we saw open spaces - but they were fenced, so its a no no to camp there, after driving for some minutes - we finally found an open space - withouth fences - so thats good!

we started moving our stuff and building the tarp - i dont have any experiences doing that :P and i said in the beggining that i would sleep in the car - so is janja :P lol hahahahaha. i had to laugh at harri as he was a like a guinea pig coz he volunteered himself to put weight inside the tarp so it wouldnt get blown by the wind! lol the wind was so strong - i never encountered on a flatland a wind that strong - it was not cold actually! it was chilly with wind - i didnt even put on my jacket as i feel - you wont believe this - WARM.

harri crawling! hahahaha

parking the cars in position to protect the tarp from the wind - the dutch guys - maike, lieke, wimlke and erik did an outstanding job! - very experienced in situations like this! it was done in a matter of minutes without hoolaboolas! professionaly done! the guys also started building tents, i helped mike with his tent and i cant remember who was looking for ashi because he couldnt be found, i told them he went back to india because he couldnt take the cold anymore :P hahahahahahahahaha.

after the tarp was succesfuly built - it was time to eat - i dont feel that hungry, i dont know why, my body was still adjusting to this, all i can do was wat 2 bites and thats it but i asked for a piece of banana from janja. after eating and starting to open the booze bottles, a car from the higway drove slowly towards us! eeeeeekkkk i was the first to recognize that it was the police! i quickly hide at the back LOL yes sissy i am lol but i had too many police troubles in düsseldorf, germany for petty crimes and in vienna, austria and there's no philippine embassy in iceland, so if i get into trouble, i will be deported back to the philippines! noooooooooo it was only our first night! i dont wanna get back home! lol.

having fun in the first camping night!

big matt and maike talked to the police and after some explanations - he allowed us to camp in the spot! on conditions that were not gonna be loud, no drugs and no littering - i swear as he he drove away - with the "no loud" condition - big matt turned the car stereo on and we danced and played some stupid games hahahahahahaha. then suddenly out of nowhere some figure appear - so clothed in black! hahahaha i never knew who he was until i really flashed him lieterally with light! IT WAS MARK hahahaha he was dressed like with a burka on that only his eyes could be seen hahahaaha he told me that its really cold and i saw the suprised loook in his eyes that i was only wearing a jumper lol.

i was hopping to every people and david b. looking at me funny - lol - i guess he never knew me as this energetic! well that the problem with me - i give all my activeness in one single flow then suddenly im tired lol.

i brushed my teeth and i want to call it a night - i am sleeping on the defender and janja on the land cruiser. after i brushed my teeth, i desperately looked for my sleeping bag coz someone stole it! hahahahaha kidding - it was hidden somewhere where i couldnt see it! lol :P i said goodnight to everybody! im out of energy!

i was ready to jump inside the defender when david b. (just remembered he was also a gemini and seprated only a couple of dates from our birthdays!) came up to me, it was one of those funny and strange jokes we threw at each other :D

david b. : are you going to bed now (in his bored voice lol)

me : yeah, do you want to tuck me into bed? (chuckling)

david b. : if you want me to?

me : how about if you read me fairytales?! i love fairytales!

david b.

: really? which one?

me : im going to bed david, good night and see you tomorrow lol, i promised your mom i would look after you :P good thing your tent is next to the defender!

and he left! lol hahahahahahahahaha

started to open the zipper of my sleeping bag and i slid inside aaahhhh... felt warm! i could feel the howling of the wind outside, i closed my eyes contented and i cant wait for tomorrows events! bring it on!

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having fun camping on the first ni…
having fun camping on the first n…
harri agreed to put his weight ins…
harri agreed to put his weight in…
harri crawling inside the tarp whi…
harri crawling inside the tarp wh…
harri crawling! hahahaha
harri crawling! hahahaha
having fun in the first camping ni…
having fun in the first camping n…
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