finally! using the only icelandic word i know - and it failed :P lol

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still driving into the steppe zone of northern iceland - the drive wasnt boring - first, seeing landscapes that we/me would never probably see again. second - ashi's driving was more relaxing and smoother than dave's :P hahahaha i asked ashi if this landscape was quite similar to ladakh valley in india - coz i saw it in pics  and he said no - coz there were still scattered houses and farms here and in ladakh, its uninhabited.

we finally came into a crossing where - a road leads to the north and the town of sauðárkrókur - where maike's revised roadtrip plan would lead us and circle the northern peninsula of skagaheiði but since all of us wanted to see snaefellsjökull we cut cross and drove to varmahlíð, it was also the time for the little shit lada to gas! and also to a supermarket and to refresh!

when we reached the gas station and the supermarket - the view there was so beautiful! the weather too! and it was warm that i didnt even need to put on my jacket. i smoked outside while the guys went inside to buy their stuff. i really dont know what i am going to buy - but im craving meat - its been 2 days since i ate that roastbeef me and rj shared, but i dont want hamburger - too expesinve in the diner and i can only eat it once.

for the first time in the trip - i looked at my hands - it was awful, it looked like a washed clothes using my hands - i mean i dont want to be vain in this trip - but it looked like the skin was falling off, so i need to buy a moisturizer - i have one, but it wasnt protective enough.

i went inside the supermarket while the guys crowded around and most of them were amused by a book - something like "how to see iceland and spend nothing" something like that lol but it was damn expensive - 20 fucking euros for a small thin book!

i went arond - nothing much - i went to the meat section - and i was so confused - i kept looking for beef roast but it wasnt there and i dont want to buy just any meat coz i only eat 3 kinds - beef, pork and chicken and icelandic words are difficult i dont want to end up eating lamb or turkey! - then suddenly a light bulb hit my head - how could i forget the ONLY icelandic word i know?!!!! KJÚKLINGUR (chicken)!!!!!! hahahaha hahahaahah

so i sorted through the meat section - there was a word i think with kjúk there and sliced like salami - but i dont know if thats chicken or turkey! i need to see the whole kjúklingur word! lol i stared at at for a couple of minutes like an idiot :P before i decided to go to the cashier and asked for help :P lol hahaaha failed icelandic lesson for me - and she said its chicken!!! :D yay! i have meat now! still have amber's bread - but i still shopped for food - and i found heinz beans again and bought it. i asked erik if he wanted some bonbons because i could buy him - but he was too shy! lol

when we got back to the cars - mark sat with us - and dave went to the other cars - he pulled something out from his merchandise and i couldnt believe he bought the expensive book! apparently he was curious about "how to have sex with elves" in iceland hahahahaha hahahah hahahahaa


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