final preparations and a scare that i wouldn't be able to go to iceland! heebeejeebies! arrrghhh

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eye surgery and 12 days before the trip! bleh

there were so many unwelcomed challenges organizing this trip, and it will make me insane in the end! lol would you believe that i woke up one morning 2 weeks ago, my eye was hurting so bad, looked at the mirror but nothing was worse, it was just hurting and i gave it a shrug - then the next day to my horror - my eye was blown up and swollen so bad! i couldnt even open my left eye - it was even worse that it was infected - and i really dont know how! i counted the days to the iceland trip - 2 weeks! went to an opthalmologist and he said it could take weeks or months before it is completely healed, "just put some eye ointment" he said. the next day, it got from worse to horrible. i immediately went back again to my opthalmologist and requested for a recommendation for an emergency eye surgery the next day - to remove everything in my left eyelid - 12 days before my trip to iceland, the worst case scenario would be i wouldnt be able to hike a glacier since it required 100% eyesight or they wont let me inside the damn airplane! lol.

eye patch is gone. my eye still swells a bit but ok and i dont look happy leaving my precious babys for 2 weeks behind!!!! :((((

eye surgery done, and i was so happy to be operated here in germany, because they have the latest technologies to do that, fast and no extra blah blah - except for the assistant surgeon and nurse who kept talking to me while i lie on the bed - they were so curious where i came from because of my name! lol - what's in the name?! ahahaha. so i wore an eye patch, called-in sick at work and my life went on!

my left eye healed as fast as i expected it - with supervision from my opthalmologist - who by the way - is the funniest doctor ive met! lol - we chatted more about blah blah stuff than actually examining my eye. lol anyway he gave me a powerful cortisone ointment to make the healing much more progressive! hurrah!

a week before the trip - i took off my eype patch and began shopping for my necessities for iceland! food and cigarettes! lol yes, i will die withouth cigarettes lol and oh, a thermos to keep my warm drink for at least 12 hours! the food i bought was half-half - asian and german products, i couldnt survive withouth them both! i bought chinese, filipino and korean noodles and some instant mashed potatoes for my heavy meal while camping.

this is the most important! my self-made cigarettes! lol
some crackers and cookies to nibble and my favorite tea - darjeeling.

iceland customs are very strict regarding things to bring in iceland - specially meat products because the country is isolated and there maybe bacterias immune to other countries in the meat products that could give an outbreak to the livestock population, so i bought dry food and ready to cook meals, as for cigarettes its only allowed to bring 200 grams - i wouldn't be charged of smuggling :P lol so i bought under 200 grams lol.

i already changed more than 50% water from my aquarium so even if i am away for 2 weeks, the water would "still" be fresh and all, i hope my flatmate feeds them accordingly to my drections if not, i will soak him inside the aquarium lol.

so after these heebeejeebees with my eye, it's starting to heal quick and very good but as i am writing this blog entry - im starting to have a fever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrrrghhhhh i hate my life! it's never boring! lol


lauro says:
i had eye ointments when i was in iceland and surprisingly i didnt used it :D my eye doc would be mad at me lol
Posted on: Oct 14, 2010
Lilliana77 says:
How's your eye, btw?
Posted on: Oct 14, 2010
lauro says:
hahahahahaha i look horrible with the eye patch! arrrghhh johny depp looks much better on it than me :P lol
Posted on: Sep 28, 2010
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eye surgery and 12 days before the…
eye surgery and 12 days before th…
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this is the most important! my se…
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my asian food!!!!! well, i ate so…
my german necessities! :D
my "german" necessities! :D
photo by: Chokk