fighting the wind and camping in the raging storm! and a shit lada party! :D lol

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setting up the tarp to sleep for the dutchies on a farmland under the rain storm and strong wind! picture from mark (tb: koticphreak)

leaving reynisdrangar, i had a heavy heart, i wish we couldve stayed longer - but i guess - the journey must go on. you know what? after seeing the haunting beach and rocks, i want to go home. that was no joke, i felt i had seen what i wanted to see and i felt little motivated to go on.

burning with fever, i was quiet the whole way. it will be a VERY LONG drive to jökulsárlón icebergs where we would be camping for our second night. it will be around 100 kms - and 2.5 hours of driving. the drive WAS scary - the wind in that part of the ring road in iceland was blasting its force - even maike apologized that she couldnt drive much faster than usual because the wind prevented her from doing so - so with a slow pace and driving, we endured the fading light and the strong and howling wind. we drove straight for an hour or so and we passed this great river! the bridge connecting it was around 1 kms long and in dark light - the great river skeiðará snakes its way into the ocean! wilmke and me looked and both said to each other that till now, it was the longest bridge in iceland that we had crossed - oh i wish we could stop - but we cant :( then we came to skaftafell national park road direction! arrrghhhhhhhhhh but it also useless to go there as it is also dark and were still far to the icebergs of jökulsárlón.

we drove and we drove and we drove further - we were under the shadow of vatnajökull glacier - we could see the huge pack of white ice reflecting the last light in the darkness.

we drove and we drove - then suddenly to our horror it began to rain! arrrrgggghhhhh.

and its just not any rain  - it was a storm! i prayed inside that it would be over as soon as we find a camping place! but it did not - looking at the time - we were driving for more than 2 hours but we still couldnt reach jökulsárlón icebergs!

then to our surprise at the back, we drove into one of those little streets on the road uphill and we were in a small village - i dont know exactly we were but i am sure were still in the shadow of vatnajökull glacier - its just too huge to pass in a couple of hours.

suddenly maike and big matt went out of the ass killa and onto the rain - apparently knocking on people's doors if we can camp on their farmlands! finally after ONLY 1 tries - the farmer allowed us to camp in his farmland - he even went out and directed us where to camp! we parked that cars in position where it makes a barrier for the strong wind. in no time, the dutchies: maike, lieke, wilmke and erik were at work to construct the tarp  - some peoplne including me, harri, amber, jeff and rj didnt went out of the cars lol - it was so cold and windy - AND RAINING - well i had a reason -  i was really sick - and speaking of being sick it realized that my bag with medicines were in the bandit. i told the guys that i would like to sleep in the shit lada - no one from yesterday slept there - so it would be a nice place for me to lie on.

i went to the bandit and opened its trunk to find my bag with my medicines inside it - i was surprised to see amber, jeff, rj and harri hugging like canary birds in the rain lol - harri looked at me and grinning embarrasingly that he doenst know what to do in the situation and doenst know what help he can co (rain + wind + cold) i told him - dont worry - the dutchies are very experienced in situations like this (i hope so *crossed fingers*) then i asked them if they saw my bag with medicines and rj immediately gave that bag to me :D and said "lauro, see i helped you" hahahahahahaha useless hahahahaha. they decided to sleep in the bandit - i dont know how they will do it  - but they will!

outside - mark, ian, dave, mike, janja, big matt, david and ashi were constructing tents. i went inside the lada - i realyl wanted to help some of the guys, but i cant - my head was spinning - i took 800 milligrams of pain reliever and 2 paracetamols. i sat at the lada - and i took some cracker - i cant eat that much - i was longing for soup and somethign warm - but with the conditions, it was hard to start fire.

then suddenly, someone came in the shit lada - it was janja! we talked alot of things inside - so many personal things - that we got close - and trusted each other - then came mark - and then came dave - and then came ashi with a bottle of booze! hahahahahaha i looked at the clock and i cant believe it was only 8 pm!!!!!! the dutchies were already under the tarp and perhaps sleeping - big matt, ian, david and mike in their tents and i dont know what's happening with the bandit.

inside the little shit lada - we talked and talked and talked - while passing the booze - apparently ashi had been hiding southern comfort hahhaha but i didnt drank - told janja to drunk my share?! something like that! lol. we were having fun inside the shit lada - telling our stories and experiences - janja explaining she was not drunk lol then suddenly she says ok im drunk and then another minute - im not drunk hahahahaha ashi kept feeding janja with spirit then suddenly we ran out of pepsi but they still drank spirit withouth lol.  then suddenly a person knocked on the door in urgency - it was ian! apparently - his tent got wet and was blown by the wind! lol so ashi has to go :P he went back to his tent and let ian in. i was so tired and ill, i didnt knew that i slept and i didnt know that janja was talking to me :D hahahahahaha so it was time to crawl back into our sleeping holes - janja and mark would sleep in the ass killa, while dave and ian slept inside the shit lada together with me. for a small person like me, the shit lada is already small! lol i curled inside it. with the howling wind and rain pouring down on the car roof, it felt like music to my ears as i snuggled to sleep - only awakened from time to time with dave snoring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

lauro says:
ha ha yourself david b.! prepare for my tirade on you hahaha
Posted on: Nov 03, 2010
David says:
Posted on: Nov 03, 2010
lauro says:
i know :D and you feel proud of yourself for helping - handing me a bag with 1/2 kilo of weight was already a super human effort from you! hahahahaha hahahahah hahahahahahahha

miss ya rj! :D ill bring you food next time we meet :D ill feed you beef till you barf! hahahaha
Posted on: Oct 30, 2010
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setting up the tarp to sleep for t…
setting up the tarp to sleep for …
photo by: lauro