the farthest place from home ive ever been - a journey into the center of the earth.

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raining on the way up to the snow line of snaefellsjökull.

arrrrrrghhhh it was raining as we drove out of the basecamp of snaefellsjökull - it was weird again - coz it was sunny and raining at the same time - bad omen?! who knows?! so far there wasnt any bad omen on the trip  - if you count people snoring :P hahahahaha. this is our last day of roadtrip - tomorrow we will have to be back at reykjavik at 12:00 pm to return the cars, its a bit sad to think about it - but hey as the cliché goes - all good things must come to an end - and what a great ending to this trip was - into the glacier volcano: snaefellsjökull.

snaefellsjökull perhaps is the most famous symbol of iceland, if you had read the novel or seen the film "journey into the center of the earth" by jules verne, you know what i am talking about. the crater of the volcano was supposed to be the gate into the center of the earth - where jules verne's imagination went wild and put man back in the time of prehistoric creatures which was hidden underneath the earth's crust of "granite".

the glory of snaefellsjökull, with its unusual and strange spires from its peak and the crater of the volcano itself which inspired jules verne to write "the journey into the center of the earth" and the highest spire named "skartaris" in the novel.
the literature and poetry of snaefellsjökull was made immortal by the novel. not only that,the mystics believed that, snaefellsjökull has energetic and healing powers, and also supposed to be the landing site of aliens and UFOs from outer space - i had to raise my eyebrow on that one! either way, snaefellsjökull is one of the most powerful places on earth and i am glad? - no - blissful that i was once again - a part of a single print in time. to be able to stand in this.... in this glorious masterpiece of the earth and the universe before it fades away because the earth is changing, the glaciers are melting and soon it will be all gone.

as jules verne put it:  "where the earth ended and the sea began was impossible for the eye to distinguish.

maike and me - my partner for this amazing adventure which we organized which finally reached the last point - at snaefellsjökull.
.. i wholly forgot who i was."

snaefellsjökull will be another milestone in my life - it will be the most western part of the earth and the farthest away from home i would ever been, coming from a tropical country in the philippines, glaciers are something that mostly never heard and spoken of.

as we drove higher - there was a smile on my face and the "oh my god's" never stopped coming out from my mouth! i was right :P snaefellsjökull was NOT the small mountain we saw at the base camp - of course! it is GRANDEUR! the glacier and volcano sits in the middle of lava rocks, deserty landscape - with minimal vegetation of lichens and there were so many rainbows all over! we left the base camp raining but here - in didnt even rained - the rain clouds were blocked on the direction where we came from!

our car, the shit lada stopped and took some pics but the ass killa moved on and so was the bandit! we still went higher until we came to a dead end! and behold us in the distance of about 300 meters - the snow line of snaefellsjökull! we could only see the base of the glacier because the uppwer part was covered with clouds and little snow storm.

hahahahahahaha look at the guys from the base and snow line of snaefellsjökull! the glacier is massive - it made them look like ants crawling! lol
we all agreed to hike the path of craggy stones towards the base.

while we were assembling and getting ready for the hike - harri was a bit late - as he hadnt had any breakfast - poor him, he was still groggy from last nights partying in the ass killa - good thing that janja was there to support him a bit - the hike was uphill - mark and amber wasnt sure that they wanted to go coz its a little bit steep and they were already tired from the rest of trip.

as the guys went up and hiked - the active ones leading the way and of course my partner-in-crime maike :P wahahahah i tend to take it easy on this one, since its the "last" hike for us - i might as well savor the moment - with cigarettes :P i was with amber and lieke while harri followed at the back of us and mark at the tail-end.

above the clouds and the gorgeous view of iceland and the north atlantic ocean from snaefellsjökull.
amber couldnt believe that while im hiking i was smoking :P i told her that i need oxygen lol! hahahahaha

the trail was steep and craggy good thing i had my winter boots with me that i used to hike in the tirol alps in austria 4 fucking years ago :P amber and lieke were a bit slow and harri was catching up at us while mark was way behind - so i walked a bit faster because i could already hear the laughter and excitement of the first group - i think they already reached the snow line of snaefellsjökull. i walked and walked never taking my eyes off the glacier and finally - the clouds were gone! and i could see the peak of snaefellsjökull AND OH MY GOD! that was devastatingly beautiful and strange!!!! the peak has three "horns" with a bit of snow swirling around it - it was hazy - hard to take good pics with the haze - but bright enogh to see the peak glistened in white! with the highest spire named "skartaris" in the novel.

hola!!! lili llama! :P a pic we made for a common friend :D

saw the guys - erik, ashi, rj, maike, big matt andjeff trying to climb the glacier itself but they were slipping since they dont have spikes on their shoes - as i got to them - i looked at the view behind me - oh my god! we were above the clouds! snaefellsjökull is around 1400 meters high - not high compared to the alps but as ive said iceland is not a high country - so around 1400 meters - thats already a high standard for a mountain here. ive calculated that we were around 1100 meters above sea level.

there were so much goofing around from the group specially taking pics of a rainbow that appeared beside the glacier! lol i closed my eyes as i stepped onto the glacier - this is it!!!! my milestone!!!! the most western part of the earth that i would ever been! as i stepped on it - well - nothing happened lol :P i smoked some cigarettes - there werent any UFOs landing :P but i could feel contenment, i'd reached all what i wanted to reach, theres nothing much i could ask for really, i guess that's the "power" of snakefellsjökull, it gives inner peace towards self.

the otherside of david b. :P

we were now so sad, because the end is near but at least we shared for the last time together - another adventure in the land of fire and ice.

as we went down chattering excitedly about the upcoming travbuddy meet-up in reykjavik and partying after our harships - i heard someone calling my name :P it was amber! lol apparently she didnt made it to the snow line of snaefellsjökull instead - she was somewhere where a glacial river was :P so i walked together with her down - much easier than going up :P i was sweating inside! i had 4 layers of clothing and double gloves and a boonet - I WAS ROASTING! lol sun was up and beating on us.

our goal for today  - is to find a cmaping spot before or a little bit after nightfall near reykjavik - to be able to make it up on time before 12 pm the next day to return the cars!

after reaching my latest milestone in life - i pretty much given up on seeing the northern lights, for me, it wasnt important anymore - northern lights or not - iceland had given us/me so much.

the guys rounding up! :D and that small mountain below that we debated in the campsite if that was snaefellsjökull or not - DEFINITELY NOT!
its beauty alone is worth everything i sacrificed to come here.

remembering what jules verne had said: "where the earth ended and the sea began was impossible for the eye to distinguish... i wholly forgot who i was."

lauro says:
jaaaaaa.... habe ich die fotos hochgeladen dass ich photo 4 award kriege :P es dauert lang diesen blog fertig zu schreiben - aber bin fast (24 eintrag mehr) fertig!
Posted on: Nov 16, 2010
stone31 says:
Ach so.... dann warte ich ab, und schaue sie mir dann an, wenn du eine Selektion gemacht hast...sonst dauert das so lange!
Posted on: Nov 16, 2010
lauro says:
wahahahaha nee - weil ich nee bilder serien gemacht habe! :D keine sorge rearrangiere ich die fotos wenn ich diesen blog eintrag schreibe!
Posted on: Nov 15, 2010
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raining on the way up to the snow …
raining on the way up to the snow…
the glory of snaefellsjökull, wit…
the glory of snaefellsjökull, wi…
maike and me - my partner for this…
maike and me - my partner for thi…
hahahahahahaha look at the guys fr…
hahahahahahaha look at the guys f…
above the clouds and the gorgeous …
above the clouds and the gorgeous…
hola!!! lili llama! :P a pic we ma…
hola!!! lili llama! :P a pic we m…
the otherside of david b. :P
the otherside of david b. :P
the guys rounding up! :D and that …
the guys rounding up! :D and that…
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