eyjafjallajökull, the controversial volcano that closed the airspace of europe for days!

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eyjafjallajökull glacier and volcano!

leaving the town of selfoss and just basically following the main road of iceland - the n1 route, the drive was smooth as it can be! it was cloudy, but the sun was fighting through the clouds, the landscape changed dramatically, driving by the beach, we slowly turned a bit upward and then to the left, mountain ranges slowly came out from the shadows!

inside the ass killa (landrover defender), where lieke had a lonely planet book and with a map of iceland and some sights along the way we were driving, she pointed out that "probably" the high pointed shaped mountain the looms in the horizon is the volcano hekla!

i had to see it! i peered over the ass killa's windows but there's this thin black line the stretches across it's windows! arghh i HATE that! and it was TOO CLOUDY in that area, so its useless to zoom the camera.

poor shit lada trailing behind :(
then after passing through the area where the volcano hekla was, it was a great plain vegetation and the mountains rising far away - suddenly - there were hills and the hills became small mountains and those small mountains - craggy/sandy/bouldery slopes - tons of waterfalls were falling! we couldnt take off our eyes from that sight!

i looked at the map and i saw that were nearing a glacier - a glacier called eyjafjallajökull! where a volcano of the same name erupted last march-april and caused a major disruption to european airspace!

the landscape around eyjafjallajökull volcano/glacier was one of the landscape of dream that i am dying to see in iceland - its hard to explain with my bad english - but you know its like - there's this huge huge huge craggy hill/small mountain, gushing with waterfalls all over and then behind it a large mountain loom!

we passed a waterfall - and it was not easy to miss! it's seljalandsfoss - the waterfall where you can go behind and make a wish! and the skógarfoss which is a tall and fat lol waterfall! and they all came from one source - the glacier eyjafjallajökull!!!! we were soooooooooooo itching to stop! but we cant :( since we have a schedule to keep! it was already 10:00 am and our schedule for the glacier hike at sólheimajökull glacier was at 10:30 am! (crossed my fingers hoping to be on time)

passing both the waterfalls - the full view of eyjafjallajökull volcano came into view! most of the glacial ice/snow(ice cap dissapeared after the eruption - but it still looked majestic and regal.

waterfalls at the base of eyjafjallajökull!
around the surrounding area - lots and lots and lots of ashfall were still in place and there were still big cranes scooping up the remaining ashfall!

i looked behind and saw poor shit lada making its slow pace - i hope they'd be able to make it throughout the trip! the little car was frail in comparison to the landrover defender and toyota landcruiser :(


halilee says:
Did you book your Solheimajokull glacier prior to arrival in Iceland?
Posted on: Mar 26, 2014
lauro says:
it is! not just this area but the whole landscape of iceland as well!
Posted on: Oct 27, 2010
powderfan says:
Just incredible scenery! Looks like you guys had some fun
Posted on: Oct 26, 2010
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eyjafjallajökull glacier and volc…
eyjafjallajökull glacier and vol…
poor shit lada trailing behind :(
poor shit lada trailing behind :(
waterfalls at the base of eyjafjal…
waterfalls at the base of eyjafja…
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