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artsy fartsy music video of rådhuspladsen which i made out of boredom lol

having seen information and picture books of denmark, copenhagen and the world (which amazingly has so many pictures from iceland) i slept contentedly in the room, which by the way feels so homey for me.

i woke with contenment, i made darjeeling tea and ate some crackers fro breakfast. christian promised today that he will take the company's car and drive me around copenhagen for some night shots! i was so excited about that. the day remained beautiful, clear weather and blue skies. i feel kinda lazy going out and i promised archie to meet him around 6:30 in the evening. i just watched cnn and bbc on christian's tv and i kinda like that morning danish tv program which was so cool! people sat on a long table having conversations over breakfast and two guys were smoking on the table talking blah blah to each other! lol i was hooked for a while watching that eventhough i couldnt understand a word lol - i flipped the channel and then saw a norwegian channel, boring - some norwegian guy talked about shit - which of course i didnt understand lol.

me and the big man himself!
then flipped some channels then flipped again - whew flipping channel can be quite exhausting so i got hungry and cooked noodles which i bought. so i ate my noodles while watching a bbc documentary about nigeria.

so kinda got bored and went out the balcony and smoked, it was not as warm as it was yesterday but still beautiful weather. i dont know, but i feel too tired and lazy - but i finally dragged my feet and went out and walked along one of the seven lakes of copenhagen in frederiksberg - near the planetarium - for which by the way, christian taught me the "art" of opening the front door of the house, because i told him how embarassing it was yesterday that i rang one of his neighbor's bell just for me to get in! lol.

so anyway - i walked around one of the lakes and suddenly a light bulb lit inside my head - im gonna make some time lapse video with my cheap digi cam in rådhuspladsen! ok lets try it - i thought!

walking towards the city cdnter, i took a different route, instead of the usual - tivoli garden/hard rock cafe route - i took a detour at an oddly colored building which i found out was a cinema/theatre? and straight to rådhuspladsen where i sat, and positioned my tripod and digicam and turned it on, just recording people passing by :D while i pretended i was doing something so it wouldnt look too suspicious that i was recording something lol.

the fountain of the goddess gefjun who separated denmark from sweden!

it got chilly sitting in one position, so i packed my things up - because i got strange stares from people already. i moved closer to the edge of rådhuspladsen where KFC was lol and there i sat and made the time lapse video again. i sat beside a scruffy man who looks like a spy from one of those films lol, he was bulky and wore a thick mantel and always on his hands on the telephone and with cigarettes in between his fingers.

it got chilly and i packed my tripod and cam in my backpack, and smoked the last cigarette - amazingly, the man beside me said "you look like a tourist" BINGO! lol hahahahaha arrrrghhhhhhhh it was the start of an interesting conversation with him! he reminds me of "the mechanic" from the book smilla's sense of snow which apparently was set in copenhagen! we had interesting conversations about iceland because i told him that copenhagen was only my base and my main destination is iceland because flights are cheaper than in germany blah blah.

the old copenhagen stock exchange with the tails of 4 dragons jutting upward to form a spire! BEAUTIFUL! my favorite building!
he's never been to iceland and he was really jealous of the adventure i am going in! after a few cigarettes and some conversations, he got up and me too and we both shook our hands - apparently he was a businessman! lol prejudice prejudice lol.

i got hungry after that - and KFC was just actually a few meters away from me :D hell - i dont eat at KFC often so why not again?! so i ordered again 2 chickens and potato salad and took it home! i will eat it together with christian's pineapple juice :D lol hahahahahaha.

back at christian's place, i ate the chicken while watching some tv stuff, some documentaries and discovery channel. i felt so bloated after. i smoked and then went straight to bed for an afternoon map! i was zonked again!


i woke up and looked at the clock! oh my god! i forgot about archie! were supposed to meet at 18:30 uhr! but he didnt replied if it was confirmed, but anyway - i slept through it! i felt so tired, i dont know why - maybe the age has caught up with me and my body is now craving for luxury trips?! PLEASE NOT.

the illuminating colors of the new opera.
i dont want to lie and sip piña colada on a tropical beach. i hurried up and got dresed - christian will be back any minute and before i could arrange some things - he showed up i nthe door and asked me if i already eaten and i said im still stuffed, so he made sandwhich for himself while he waited for me to arrange things and let me use his internet for a while - we have to wait till its completely dark! when it got darker - we went downstairs with his car waitinf and what a car it was!!!! it was a high tech opel :D i kinda like that the back door pops up automatically lol, i put my camera there attached to the tripod so i dont have to screw and unscrew it whenever we stopped.

we went first to some industrial area of copenhagen where one of the power plant stations are located, then next to new buildings with white and yellow lights, then the most amazing thing of all is we went to the area around the little mermaid but the statue wasnt there! christian told me that it was shipped to china for an exhibition! hahaha but there was a virtual screen how the little mermaid was doing in shnaghai or beijing?! and we laughed out loud that there were some chinese cleaning the area of the statue and they didnt knew that across the world, people can see them :D lol then next stop - i couldnt belive it! because i told christian that i wanted to see a fountain again - forgot the name because i didnt took much pic of it the last time i was in copenhagen and he did took me to gefjun fountain! oh my god! it was so beautiful! i was hoping that my cam is strong enough to take pics of it and it did! so beautiful!

next stop was the old stock exchange! i told christian that i kinda like the spire of the building thats looking like unicorn's horn - but christian told me that it was formed by twisting the tails of the 4 dragons! I like that! and this building was my all time favorite structure in copenhagen! wandering around copenhagen with so many stories about its history with christian, it made my prejudice of copenhagen gone - coz the lasttime i was here - for 7 days i only smoked weed lol hahahaha hahaaha hahahaha.

expensive offices and flats in the new harbor of copenhagen!
we went to see the airport, and the öresund bridge but it was too far for me to take pics and so windy! i had to leave my cap inside the car while my hair - now long was being swayed by the strong wind! after that we went into the otherside of copenhagen and took pics of the new opera with its illuminating and beautiful colors! thankgod there was a play and they had to switch every light! then christian took me to see more and more of the new copenhagen! with its new architectures being built - not just simple architectures but state of the art ones! i was mesmerized by the beauty of it. copenhagen is so rich and beautiful. the otherside of copenhagen i failed to see when i was here the last time.

i took and took pics until my battery died down and we headed home, christian promised to drive me to the airport tomorrow for my flight to keflavik but before saying goodnight - he showed me his prized artwork - a picture of his beautiful ex girlfriend on a beach in portugal.

it was so beautiful.

i had to thank christian for that lovely evening and i started packing and stuffing my stuff into my bags!


lauro says:
i saw alot of copenhagen with christian! he knows alot of interesting places that i had never seen before wheni went there 3 years ago!
Posted on: Nov 28, 2010
Petra2111 says:
Who said that I wasn´t serious? Don´t let the laughter fool you. I know Christian a little bit, and I believe it immediately when you say that he´s a good guide!
Posted on: Nov 27, 2010
lauro says:
no - im serious! :D hes a good guide!
Posted on: Nov 25, 2010
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artsy fartsy music video of rådh…
me and the big man himself!
me and the big man himself!
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