come on everybody! it's a geysir! lol and we're idiots.

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a wild icelandic horse! fat, short, hairy and stout! just the way we like em! lol

leaving Þingvellir national park in a dark, cloudy and gloomy weather to head for geysir, we drove along a small highway leading to that site. it was unusual that once we left the area of the national park - the blazing colors were slowly beginning to fade! comes next were fields and large hills to be called mountains, the fields werent fenced, so it meant that its a natural grazing site for wild horses in the area.

with the defender leading the convoy of cars, we stopped as we saw a herd of wild horses just at the edge of the road - with the picture of a wild horse on a post card from iceland in my mind - i quickly jumped out and hurried and ran towards the horses - they got a little bit scared and backed a little, but as i stood still and took some pics one of the horse just looked at me! raining and my lenses wet - i damn it! it didnt helped that its also very windy and hampering if i am changing the settings of my cam, and i dont want to use flash - the horse might panic and would chase or bite me off!

i was only one out of the cars - most of the guys took pics inside the cars coz it was wet outside - when i hurried and ran to the landrover defender - it fucking drove away! hahahahah hahahahah hahahahaha i fucking chsed it while they were fucking laughing at me inside! i was fucking wet when it stopped but instead of being angry - i laughed too - that was fun - i would try it again - but not in the rain! lol.

strokkur about to erupt!

as we were about to go, the guys from the defender - janja and amber wanted to pet the horses! so they went down - as they went down, the horses just came to us! they werent scared! it took a lot of time to get moving coz someone was feeding them doritos! hahahaha hahahahaha hahahahahaha.

finally, i shouted to wonk the horn and drive slowly so that the horses would back out and they did - bye bye horseys! they were cute though - short, hairy and plumpy - just the way we like em! hahaha


it didnt take a long time for us to get into geysir. the light was almost gone - we can only see this blue tinge around us. lol then walking towards the geysirs themselves, we heard a loud explosion! it's the geysir i shouted! everybody ran into it hahahahaha and were like idiots positioning our cameras to wait for the explosion, nobody was talking just waiting for it to erupt  then someone would say a joke or stupid things, we all laugh and then the geyser strokkur would erupt and we couldnt get nice shots hahahahaha.

strokkur geysir!
it was too hard too, i already got a tripod but the lack of light was impossible to photograph the exploding strokkur geysir hahahahaha - someone really said something - i forgot but we all laughed hahahahahaha.

so after waiting for the last eruption - because maike decided again on the spur of the moment to go to gullfoss and see that  waterfall! but we were delayed again - because we the informations about geysirs on the entrance of the site the guys crowded around it and took photos of it LOL. hahahahahaha

so after that - off we go to gullfoss!

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a wild icelandic horse! fat, short…
a wild icelandic horse! fat, shor…
strokkur about to erupt!
strokkur about to erupt!
strokkur geysir!
strokkur geysir!
photo by: Real_PeaceWarrior