we just cant get enough! a second group that will drive to iceland with us!

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from top left - dave, ash, ian and mark!

this is gonna be more exciting! we actually had not planned to enlarge the group because every expenses in iceland would be budgeted to 13 people. but then, dave wanted to drive with us to iceland! but since driving alone, renting an expensive 4x4 - would be too much for him, i gave it a go for him to take three more travbuddies with him to share the expenses!


they would be ashish - which i have met already, then there's mark - who was so keen in coming to iceland with the first group but he couldnt give a yes before because his boss won't probably give him the time off but now - they gave hime a go! and finally there's ian - which is, a filipino by origin! yay! i can speak tagalog with him!!!! my language that i so long to speak here in europe! he was amazed that we are going as a group in iceland and i told him if he wants to come - he may and after 2 days - he confirmed! yay!!!


it would be amazing to share our adventures with the second group! i hope it would be an experience that we would never forget!


lauro says:
ahahahaha hahahahahahaha its going to be great! :D
Posted on: Sep 25, 2010
saltycoco says:
roflmao, wtf, that's like the gayest looking pic i have, and you just had to use that. :) yeah i can't speak tagalog all that well lauro, i'm more fluent at understanding it, and takes a lot of effor speaking it.
Posted on: Sep 24, 2010
jenn79 says:
hahaa!! you two are funny =)
Posted on: Sep 23, 2010
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from top left - dave, ash, ian and…
from top left - dave, ash, ian an…
photo by: Chokk