i can see clearly now the rain is gone :P and driving along the coast of the greenland sea!

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ashi! our driver in the shit lada - and into the northern coast of iceland and the greenland sea!

we were so curious about the expensive book that mark bought! particulary the subject "have sex with elves in iceland" :P we all skipped other parts of the book and went directly to that topic and it was the most stupidest thing to read - it was EXACTLY LIKE THIS QUOTED FROM THE BOOK:

Have sex with an elf.

- Actually 50 % of us Icelanders believe in elves, Ingadottir tells Dagbladet. In her book she concludes that a lot of Icelanders have sex with elves, and some even have their children. The elves live in the mountains and are usually friendly. Tourists wanting to get in touch with them can get more information in the handbook "Please yoursELF".


the calm greenland sea!

well, we couldnt see the inside of the book anyway coz it was sealed, you really have to buy it to "read" it. i told mark that i'd be a good souvenir in iceland though :P hahahahaha laughing at the tought of tourist trap :P lol anyway, we drove further again - sun was up and it was getting close to mid-noon, my stomach was already grumbling - its hard to make fast food because my stuff was at the back of the shit lada - i can eat only chips, but that wasnt enough! i need something heavier, my mouth was tired of munching buggles and doritos.

the cars stopped somewhere because the guys in the ass killa wanted to stretch their legs - i couldnt believe the two tallest people in the trip - harri and david b. were at the back of the ass killa :P theyve must have been squeezing their long legs too tightly! lol

finally - we drove out of the steppe region and were heading for the coast! the sea was to be seen in the horizon and it was so calm! inside the car - it was so warm! i wanted to jump out and frolick in the water of the greenland sea! i told ashi to radio the guys in the ass killa if we could stop and do some beaching! but they still drove on - i was a "bit dissapointed" by that -  coz it would be amazing to bask in the sun while on the beach!

we drove and still we drove - away from the north and heading into the west! i hope the guys would realize that its a little bit of waste just to drive in this beautiful weather!

were now on our 6th day of roadtrip! 2 more nights to go - before our roadtrip ends - i dont even want to think about it because i would just feel depressed!

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ashi! our driver in the shit lada …
ashi! our driver in the shit lada…
the calm greenland sea!
the calm greenland sea!
photo by: Vikram