camping at the base of snaefellsjökull's moorland - our highest and COLDEST camping spot!

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glorious sunset at our highest camping spot at the base of snaefellsjökull!

as the three cars slowly drove into the 4x4 only gravel road - we went higher and higher - the road was zigzaggy and rocks were falling :P it was a scary drive to be honest - but good thing there was still light and ashi's good hands made the shit lada (his experience from driving india probably lol) seem to glide along the bumpy, rocky and slippery road.

after passing through the rocky part, moorland lay upon us at around 400 meters! the ass killa stopped and maike went out and examined the moorland if it was good for camping - but she said we will keep that in mind as maike wanted to go higer (and secretly so was i, i want to camp in a higher groud - since ive camped at around 2000 meters last year in the mountains in the philippines and it was FUN :P lol).

we debated and argued so much if the mountain was already snaefellsjökull or not! oh by the way that's mike walking :P lol

we drove and we drove higher! at around 800-850 meters (for icelandic standards this is already high - since iceland is not a high country but a plateau) we found a perfect spot! the ground was leveled but full of mosses and lichens and there was a road leading into two directions and a small mountain thats partially ocvered in snow (we thought it was snaefellsjökull). i was a little bit nervous again because ITS NOT ALLOWED TO CAMP IN NATIONAL PARKS IN ICELAND, since snaefellsjökull is a national park - its forbidden - i really dont know how many rules of camping we broke :D but it went off the record :P and no one was there anyway :P so before i even can argue - they parked the cars against the wind (as a standard rule) and started to get out :P

and when i got out - oh my god!!!!!!! it was not THAT windy - but it was so cold! i immediately went back to the car and put my double hand gloves on.

a rarity of a picture! david b. actually giving a smile! :P lol
as the guys were setting up the tent - i helped ian with his - the ground was strange - it was soft - but as we started to nail ian's tent - it wouldnt go through because it was rocks at the bottom of the soil, after a few tries - we managed anway!

i told maike that, the mountain with some snow line isnt snaefellsjökull, but maike said that it looks different if were actually "at the peak" rather from seeing it from the ground like what i did - but i was so stubborn! lol i could not accept that, that was snaefellsjökull already! it must be bigger and grandeur than that!

after setting up camp - it was time to explore! the other guys were already hopping like rabbits out of their cages :P saw amber, dave, ashi and rj walking at the edge of the cliff, i followed them and it was so beautiful! the sunset, the view - of the north atlantic ocean from our point was stunning! we had good weather as we arrived here.

guys setting up camp at the base of snaefellsjökull!
on a little hill where we camped, there was a pile of stones - very much like the ones to be found in the himalayas - i dont know how its called - some kind of meditative purpose. it overlooks the north atlantic ocean, then suddenly big matt came to me and said we should make a pile of stones as a travbuddy marker! why not?!

i walked alone again, examining the moorland, it was very strange here, some kind of spirit was guarding the place, i dont know what but i could feel its presence. as i came back to the group who started  to hike more uphill because someone said there was a cave or something - big matt came to me again and asked me if that small mountain was snaefellsjökull and i said probably lol but i dont believe it! hahaha that was one of the things if were doing it alone withouth tour guids - we dont know which was which! hahahahahahaha.

so they went up hiking while i stayed behind and some guys too. i got hungry and munched some chips. it was so cold, it wasnt windy - but at high altitude - temperatures drop very drastically but the sky was clear - and i really hoped we could see the northern lights - because i could feel that the temperatures outside were minus already!

saw the guys coming back from their hike - i couldnt believe that i even call that a hike :P it was so fast hahahahaha i got to talk to amber again, about random stuff - but meaningful - it was eay to talk to her - i swear at some point we talked about the "puritans" :P hahahahahaha i eycused myself from her - i want to get back to the car - so cold - as the guys prepared to cook i ate my beans and crackers for my dinner inside the car - its just that im not sociable lol - but i dont want to freeze outside while eating! lol.

a pile of rocks overlooking the sunset and the north atlantic ocean!

nobody was staying outside! all people were either inside their tents or inside the ass killa - they were having a little party inside there - i could hear some noises and laughter - as i was about to go outside to join them - suddenly it fucking rained! arrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more colder coz its wet and possibility of seeing the northern lights became null lol hahahahahahaa aaarghhhhhh frustrations frustration on seeing the northern lights!

would you believe - i slept with a jacket, a scarf wrapped around my neck, hand gloves - and a bonnet inside my sleeping bag that can endure -20°c temperatures?!!! my god! it was so cold!!!!!!!! i dont want my hands, my head and body freeze like cheese crackers like the one i ate for dinner!!!!!!!!!!!! aaarrrghhhhhhhh

before zipping my sleeping bag - i remembered joanna lumley (from BBC) when she travelled arctic norway in search for the northern lights and struggled to sleep in an ice hotel - these were her exact words: WHAT AM I DOING HERE? GOODNIGHT AND IF IM NOT WITH YOU AGAIN, REMEMBER I THOUGHT THE WORLD OF YOU.

the gorgeous view from our high camp site!
hahahahah hahahaha haha i had to laugh at myself - damn it, im gonna be freezing while i sleep! lol

but would you believe i slept so good?! then suddenly in the middle of the night and of everything (the noises and laughter inside the shit lada) - the rain too - SOMEBODY WAS SNORING LIKE A PIGLET! ahahahahah hahaha hahaha. it must come from one of the tents, since most of the guys were inside the ass killa :P and that noise of th snore was just fucking beside me - it was so loud - like a piglet squealing! eventhough i am inside the car i could hear it! hahahahah hahahaha

closing my eyes and laughing while trying to sleep - it would be a good story to tell the guys tomorrow! hahahahahahahahaha

halilee says:
Good grief, what was the temperature that night?
Posted on: Mar 26, 2014
lauro says:
yes we did argued! :P and big matt too - i asked you why does that little mountain doesnt look like the one we saw from below and you said - it looks different from the top - but i was stubborn! lol and big matt really asked me if that was already snaefellsjökull but i refused to believe lol! hahaha

actually i was about to go to the ass killa that night - but it rainedddddddddddd!!!!!!! i could hear all your laughter from the shit lada - problem was - all the seats in the ass killa were taken - so if i go - i had to stay outside :P TOO COLD THAT NIGHT! lol
Posted on: Nov 22, 2010
Globevoyager says:
Ow, and I can't remember we had the conversation about which one was sneafellsjokull, but if we did, I was wrong, sorry :p
Posted on: Nov 22, 2010
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