boys night out and what a disaster that was - driving into a ditch! lol

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ahahahahaha the ass killa (landrover defender) cant defend anything as it was stuck in the ditch :P lol.

we arrived at the town of egilsstadir at around 10 am! perfect for our check-in at a motel - which finally we will be having a break from 3 days of camping and no shower!!!!!! and finally - bed! and HOT WATER no limits of it! hahahaha.

after the checking episode at the motel which was really funny (for me anyway) lol  (blog would be on the next entry) most of us showered, prepared some food and ate (i didnt took a shower - since most of my roommates - amber, wimlke and mike crowded around the shower - i decided to shower last so i can take a very very very long shower!)

so the boys decided to do a bit of driving and exploring the town of egilsstadir and its surroundings! the weather wasnt friendly - was raining hard and grey.

the ship that we thought a house that was built like a ship :P hahahaha and the guys at seyðisfjörður harbor :P
anyway - as the cars were unloaded of backpacks and things - we set off! i went with the shit lada with dave as our driver, then mark and ian - while the other guys were at the defender - harri didnt came with us - he stayed with the girls and played cards :D lol hahahaha i'll bez hell be worn out :P lol hahaha

so we set off and we really dont know where we were going :D were just following the ass killa - i heard someone saying going to the 2nd highest waterfall in iceland. i really dont know. anway - like ive said were just following! so we drove and drove and suprisingly - we drove back to öxi pass - and the rain there was harder - but in the valley below us wasnt really raining at all!

we saw so many waterfalls - i mean unnamed ones - then suddenly the guys saw a waterfall caoming out from the distance! lol they thought it was "the" waterfall that were looking for.

erik at fjarðará fossar at seyðisfjörður!

anyway - we passed a small toen to be able to get to the falls - which i later knew as seyðisfjörður. as we drove along the little main street - all of us inside the shit lada were gasping that there was a building that looked like a ship! there were ooohhss and aaaahhss from us and as we got nearer it was really a ship! lol we were so idiots lol hahahaa it was the smyril line that ferries to denmark-faroe islands-iceland (seyðisfjörður) thats why i knew that it was the town lol. it was so foggy and cloudy and raining! arrrghhhhh

so we all went out to that waterfall - which by the way wasnt the waterfall we intended to see - ass killa must be tired and confused now lol. so anyway we got down and i put my camera inside a plastic bag. it was so wet!

so we went there - nothign special really, and its dangerous because i dont want to damage my camera :(( so we all went back - ashi changed cars with mark - and they told us theres another waterfall o nthe highway - so we went there - it looked like a smaller version of skogafoss (later i know the name as: gufufoss).

fjarðará fossar!
but we didnt stayed long, we decided to go back to the motel - no sense of outdoors if the rain pours.

then things began to get interesting :P

as we drove back again to öxi pass - the ass killa suddenly turn on the side - WHERE THERE WAS NO PATH TO DRIVE and stupidly, the shilt lada followed - and i saw a sign that the road is only for weather people or geologists something like that - anway, few seconds later, the lada got stuck, it was raining too. we sat back inside the lada and watched - after all the ass killa - is a LANDROVER DEFENDER - it can weather all types of storm :P after a few minutes, guys went out of the ass killa - david b., mark, jeff, mike and rj lol, the defender was really stuck, i asked dave to tow the car but nobody was moving inside the shit lada - because no one wants to get wet :P ashi got out and went to them and they started to do some acrobatics to the ass killa but it was helping - and to my amazement - big matt - limping - found a shovel! hahahahaha they started to dig the wheels out from the mud and after some few minutes of trying the ass killa got its ass out of the mud! hahahahahaha

and we later found out that.

gufufoss!!! now i know the name!
.................... ERIK was the driver! hahahahahahahaha he just wanted to try offraoding :P but he offroaded into a wrong path thats offlimits to normal drivers and it was actually a dead end hahahahahaha.

lauro says:
and taking you all with him! lol hahahaha
Posted on: Nov 07, 2010
RJ82 says:
before the offroading incident. or maybe he thougth he spotted a bird house and headed for it
Posted on: Nov 07, 2010
lauro says:
oh?! where? i guess he was dissapointed that he wants to commit suicide and carry you all in coz theres no birdhouse in iceland hahaha
Posted on: Nov 07, 2010
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ahahahahaha the ass killa (landrov…
ahahahahaha the ass killa (landro…
the ship that we thought a house t…
the ship that we thought a house …
erik at fjarðará fossar at seyð…
erik at fjarðará fossar at sey…
fjarðará fossar!
fjarðará fossar!
gufufoss!!! now i know the name!
gufufoss!!! now i know the name!
photo by: Adrian_Liston