the best wild camping spot in iceland - between a valley and a freezing cold river!

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building our shelter at öxnadalur valley!

driving out of akureyri was not as difficult as driving out from reykjavik - because theres only one main road :P lol. we drove towards where the snow capped mountains where - well just basically following the ring road n1.

suddenly - after more or less 16 kms, the ass killa stopped - there was a parking lot COMPLETE WITH TREES beside a flast flowing river! it was an opportunity for me to stretch and smoke :P and take pics from the beautiful view but erik was always in the way whenever i take pics he would jump into the picture lol while the guys scouted for a camping spot - but then we saw a sign saying ITS FORBIDDEN TO CAMP :P but since were travbuddies - we always break the rules and i couldnt remember how many rules we had broken while on this trip :P lol.

in the beginning... it was dark......... and suddenly..

i couldnt believe that maike alreay started to check the trees if they can hold the tarp - i felt really bad camping when its so obvious that its forbidden to camp :P finally most of the guys decided that its NOT  appropriate to camp there coz 1. ITS FORBIDDEN TO CAMP IN BOLD LETTERS :P lol 2. its beside the road - as we finally walked to the cars, maike wouldnt budge :P hahahaha she WANTS to camp there :P hahahaha after forcing maike to move - we finally drove with broken hearts away from that parking area which was perfect to camp :( *sniff*

as we drove further - the bandit saw an empty space just beside the road and the river that runs through that parking place, it was not fenced which means its ok to camp there (maybe?!) we drove a bit more - but it was no use and it was getting dark - so we decided after a couple of radio-ing, the bandit lead the way back to that place! hahaha i couldnt believe it - were camping so indiscretely beside the main highway of iceland :P

as we prepared to make tents and tarping it - i helped.

THERE WAS LIGHT! lol hahahahaha our group pic by the camp fire!
... i dont know who i helpred setting up the tent! i cant remember if it was ian or mike - but i helped! hahahahhhahaa (re: RJ). i went around and examined the place - it took a while before the beauty of the place sank into me :P probably i couldnt believe that we got as far this north in iceland! as i went around, david b. wasnt far behind me uh oh. well at least i dont have any more cup noodles if someone would ask (well i hid 2 :P hahaha) david b. and me walked by the river bank - and as usual, i kept teasing him and he asked me about his cheese - i told him, i never stopped chomping on it since he gave it to me :P lol hahaha i told him it "saved" me from hunger that it was my "lembas bread" on the trip :P

then i was shocked at dave! there were some clumps of dried wood not far from us - probably left by the farmers there or something - that he just took them! ahahaha he said he wanted to build a fire and janja got so excited because FINALLY after 5 nights of camping - it will be our first time to build a camp fire! lol hahahaha - but my heart was beating fast because of nervouness - how could these travbuddies break the rules and get away with it?!!! hahahahahahaha.

maike and me re-routing to be able to reach and drive to snæfellsnes peninsula the next day and avoiding the toll gate! (pic grabbed from maike)

it was very windy, so we built a stone wall around it, david b. and me tried to look for stones - i picked the smaller and lighter ones :P and david b. said i was not strong enough to carry the big ones :P ok, its time for the battle of wits :P i asked him if he can carry a huge one and he said he can try and i said - ok i'm pointing at that ONE - a huge stone - actually it was not a stone anymore but a boulder :P hahahhahaha. he just looked at with a funny face lol hahahaha but he carried a huge stone and he threw it fastly at the stone wall coz it was heavy while i carried lighter stones :D lol bunch of wimps we were lol. after the stone wall was built dave acted like a pyromaniac :P he showed us the skills how to build a fire in the open air :P i told him first to burn kindlings before before burning the huge chunks of wood lol.

maike took this stolen shot of me eating the yucky noodles! lol (pic grabbed from maike)
as the fire started - all of us gathered around it! lol it was sooooo warm! the night was chilly and windy but with clear skies! we hoped to see the northern lights that evening if it would be kind enough to show itself!

i got hungry - but suddenly i dont want heinz beans for dinner - i remembered i bought a chicken mushroom cup noodles - and i saw ashi boiled water for his noodles - i want boiled water too! lol. so i went there - and put the water pot near the fire - it was really unenthusiastically looking as ashes flew over the water - it doenst matter anyway - i am used to that. as my water ALMOST boiled (coz ashi said thats ok lol) - i put it inside the noodles and headed back to the car to eat - since they were all crowding around the fire - as i ate my noodles -- yuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkk it tasted really bad! it onyl took me few bites before i threw it away! so no choice - had to eat my beans - which wasnt that bad actually! i still have bread (from amber btw because she asked me to keep an eye on it :P) and i dipped a slice of bread into the tomato sauce of the beans which was really really really yummy! lol it felt like eating in a first class resto for me hahahahaa.

me sitting beside the fire! that was so warm! (pic grabbed from mike)

after eating - i joined the guys and i put a more warmer jacket - the campfire was fucking packed lol theres no more place to sit except where the smoke directly blows - so i went there it doenst matter if i smelled smoke - were camping so no need to be vain :P but i dont have any extra clothes with me :P im sure id smell smoked fish once were back in reykjavik! lol then maike and me decided to re-route the roadtrip and explained it to the guys - that were not driving offroad for the moment - and forget about going to sauðárkrókur and the northern fjords, as well as the west fjords - because we would be driving as fast as we can to reach snaefellsjökull and snaefellsnes peninsula and camp there - because most icelanders and people who had been in iceland i know recommended going there coz they said its beautiful! so we would re-route!

we told campfire stories - actually i asked them how do they found about travbuddy! :D we told our stories how we discovered it and david b.

dave and his pyrotechnic skills lol (pic grabbed from dave)
was just smiling - and for the nth time - someone asked david b. how he and eric developed the travbuddy website! :D so david b. explained!

as harri passed drinks there was merrymaking (as the british would say) around the campfire - i got heebeejeebees again coz there were some farmhouses 50 meters from us and probably they would call the police.. or or or arrrghhhh! as the fire died down - we headed back to the cars, tarp and tents! i would be alone sleeping (thank god coz thered be no snoring :P) inside the car - coz dave will sleep in the tarp!

this was probably the best night of camping for me - clear skies, no rain, not really cold but chilly - everyone was realxed and used to camping by now - and everyone knew each other - i mean theres no uncomfortable moments! its like a family - hmmm something like a chitty chitty bang-bang episode :D of adventures with magical cars :P lol as i tucked myself to bed, i had a smile on my face - it was victory for me.

erik was everywhere in my pics! lol
oh..... the northern lights didnt appeared :( *sniff*

lauro says:
ok ok ok i will correct!!! thank you rj! :P

petulant.. hahahaha
Posted on: Nov 14, 2010
RJ82 says:
it was the bandit that saw the campsite.. matt was VERY insistent on it. hahah like a petulant child. hahha
Posted on: Nov 14, 2010
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building our shelter at öxnadalur…
building our shelter at öxnadalu…
in the beginning... it was dark...…
in the beginning... it was dark..…
THERE WAS LIGHT! lol hahahahaha ou…
THERE WAS LIGHT! lol hahahahaha o…
maike and me re-routing to be able…
maike and me re-routing to be abl…
maike took this stolen shot of me …
maike took this stolen shot of me…
me sitting beside the fire! that w…
me sitting beside the fire! that …
dave and his pyrotechnic skills lo…
dave and his pyrotechnic skills l…
erik was everywhere in my pics! lol
erik was everywhere in my pics! lol
photo by: David