beautiful & gorgeous sunrise in the shadow of Þverbrekkuhnjúkur & the freezing öxnadalsá river!

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me sitting at the banks of the öxnadalsá river with the soft light at the peak of Þverbrekkuhnjúkur mountain.

it was FOOKING FREEZING COLD i could feel the air coming through from the small openings of the car as i opened my eyes - daylight crept in. i was one of the first people to get up - but no one - NO ONE can beat erik! aaaarrrrghhhh it seems like he never sleeps! lol i mean he sleeps late at night and then waking up before everybody does! i think he never leaves the R.E.M. state :P lol.

i dressed up and went out of the car - i was distracted at first to the fireplace last night - because smoke was coming out and erik was cooking - he was with big matt who was busy taking pics of the sunrise. i looked at the horizon and it was DAMN BEAUTIFUL. the shade of autumn was very much alive - glowing red mountains (from the fading colors of mosses and lichens), the snow capped mountains and the autumn light.

the mountain Þverbrekkuhnjúkur on the far left, the spires of hraundangi on the right and the freezing öxnadalsá river!
it was so beautiful. iceland never ever fails to greet us with gorgeous mornings - i just could not believe - that iceland is so kind to us (except the elusive northern lights) giving us all what she's got. i just looked at the sky and took a deep breath, such wonderful experience.

then one by one, some of the guys were awake - mark, janja and david b. :P mark asked me if he could borrow my tripod and i said yes of course! theres no need to ask that. as he was busy taking pics - i was curious what they were cooking, so i went to erik and asked him what the hell he was doing :P lol. apparently he said he's gonna make himself some bread!!!! what?!!! i have to see that!!!! i mean - he made bread before but inside a cooking pot some days ago - but making bread in a camp fire sounds totally the outdoors! lol (as if were not on the outdoors already lol)

he already pre-mixed everything - flour/starch/water and i couldnt believe what he just did - i was about to barf at the next process - he took some thin wood - rolled it over the mixed dough and put it directly into the fire - like barbecuing a hotdog :P i was amused at what he was doing, looking at it and smoking - when it was done -  I COULDNT EVEN LOOK AT THAT "BREAD" lol it doesnt looked liked it!!!!!!! it was.

erik!!!!! with his strange and funny looking bread :P he never heard the end of it of me making fun of his odd bread! lol
.... it looked something thats been pulled out from..... eeeeewwwwwwwwww big matt and me were laughing and i couldnt control my laughter i went to the river and laughed there so hard! hahahahahah hahahahahah hahaha

now most of the guys were awake - i had to hurry and boil water before they crowd around for hot water :P erik was still there with his funny-looking-strange bread lol hahahahaha i didnt even know if he finished it :P while i boiled water from erik's pot - BTW he is really really nice - inspite of him making strange food - he even hunted for wild mushrooms yesterday :P i hope theyre not magic :P otherwise.... lol.

as i waited for my water to boil, the light was still dusky - its always like that in autumn in the morning, the sun hangs so low in the sky and eventhough it was around 8 am, the light was still weak then i went to the river öxnadalsá - and looked at it - it was fast flowing and loud - it looked soooo inviting for a swim - i removed my double layered gloves and touched the water - OH MY GOD! i thought i was pierced by thousands of needles!!!! it was so cold and freezing! i just decided to take pics :P lol hahahahahaha there were some horses on the other side and i was not suprised anymore to see david b.

the freezing water of öxnadalsá river.
beside me again :P (saw in his blog that he's taking sneaky pics of me lol) and said to him that i wont take pics of him anymore coz he had too many from me lol hahahahah then i was mesmerised with the dusky light shining through öxnadalur valley, giving a bluish tinge and hue to öxnadalsá river and from the distance - the majestic peak of the Þverbrekkuhnjúkur mountain was lighted softly by the sun. it was so beautiful, iceland is a magical land.

as i went back - all the guys were awake, and my water boiled and erik was so nice (eventhough he would never hear the end of me making fun of his "bread" all through the trip lol hahahaha) he put the boiling ater into my thermos - time for breakfast! had darjeeling tea and some slices of cheddar cheese and crackers.

autumn colors surround the small rapids of öxnadalsá river.
after breakfast we packed up and i saw janja with empty water bottles - i asked her what would she do about it?! and she said shes gonna collect water from the river! i was so excited!!!!!! i offered to help her - so we have 2 empty bottles each - eventhough the thought of freezing water on my skin makes me wimp lol - it made me excited to do that! i mean our drinking water would come from iceland's nature itself!

as i was almost finished filling the water bottles - i couldnt believe what i just saw :P harri took out nature's water from himself and targeted the river! arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh i hurried and closed the bottled water :P then i met amber along the way - she seemed distressed and i asked her what happened - apparently she lost a pair of her gloves! uh oh that doenst sound good - well its very important to have gloves - specially in the night.

beautiful autumn morning at öxnadalur valley!
i told her to retrace her steps and if i saw it i would tell her.

i went back to the river and brushed my teeth - as i did that - it felt as a powerful anaesthesia was injected into my mouth! oh my god! that was so fuckin cold! i couldnt enjoy brushing my teeth! lol i hurried and went back and  as were about to leave and cleaned the place up - ashi would drive the little shit lada with dave, me and ian and mark was on the bandit. and finally amber found her pair of gloves! yay!

then david b. suddenly said if we could use his map - he took it out! and there were some oooohhhssss and aaaaaahhhhssss from everyone! lol apprently it was the most high tech map weve ever seen! lol it was waterproof - the material was filmy and shiny! the ass killa would have it since it was our lead car - that means theyre gonna throw the old map away! *sniff* kinda liked the old map though - its ragged and almost teared down! :P very nostalgic for me! i mean weve used it for 6 days and we didnt got lost! lol

as we sat in he shit lada and was about to leave - ashi complained that there's a funny smell in the car - well i was too defensive and told him that maybe it was my jacket :P because it was exposed too much from the smoke from the camp fire! lol so of we go! a long long long drive today into snaefellsjökull!


lauro says:
that explained why erik was kinky that night :D welllllll hes always kinky! lol
Posted on: Nov 16, 2010
Globevoyager says:
The mushroom Erik collected were magic... check out my pics from that night and I was saying the weirdest things that night. Not as bad as talking about bird houses...
The old map, my map, flew out of the window... sniff
Posted on: Nov 16, 2010
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