beautiful copenhagen and meeting christian - one of the oldest friends i have in travbuddy!

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after some heebeejeebees and kjuklingur moments lol with the children at frederiksberg - i found my way towards copenhagen central station! memories flooded me 3 years ago! the city still had not changed! i was amazed as soon as i saw the way to central station - everything would be easy for me.

i needed to go to the central station to change money, i still have about 100 kroner bills from 3 years ago, but i dont know how far would that take me so i went to the forex and changed 30 euros more bills. after getting the money, i walked out towards tivoli - people were staring at me, they already wear light winter clothes while i was walking in copenhagen with t-shirt! lol i dont know - but it was so hot! it's almost choking me but i have a goal, and that goal is to eat at KFC! hahahaha  - cigarettes in mouth and crossing my fingers - i hoped that KFC is still in it's place in rådhuspladsen! if not - otherwise my mission would fail and i will die a lonely boy lol.

the famous nyhavn in all its colors!

walking along the main street towards the town plaza, i forgot that copenhagen has this weird street light crossing :D they actually count the seconds - 30 seconds to be exact for people crossing lol :D and while crossing the big street - i looked at the sky - it was so blue, cloudless, warm and thanked god that KFC was still in place! lol i went inside - withouth hesitation - ordered two pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes and a huge pepsi :D well youre probably wondering why do i get so dramatic about KFC - kfc is a rarity in germany, and since coming from asia - the philippines, kfc is everywhere that i took it for granted - then i moved to germany - i can only eat at kfc 3x a year :( coz this damn fastfood is so hard to find! lol

when my chicken was served - i feel already im entering 7th heaven - but when i looked at it, i never felt so dissapointed in my life - there were NOT the crispy ones :( i asked for the crispy ones but the woman in the counter said that they only have this one receipe, dejectedly i took my tray and looked for a sole spot to eat.


looking at my helpless and hapless chicken legs and breast - i looked at them like science project experiments lol - anyway chicken IS chicken - so i ate them and my mashed potatoes and gulped my pepsi down, i got stares from other people inside coz i really looked dragged and drugged, after finishing my meal, i went straight to strøget, the main shopping and commercial center of copenhagen. the construction 3 years ago were gone and its a street with no blockades anymore, walking smoothly amidst the throng of people, i hurried my pace - because i want to get to the nyhavn as quick for pictures - because the colors would be so beautiful with sunlight!

when i got there - i wasnt dissapointed - nyhavn was in its fully glory! i took some pictures and sat at the foot of a bridge abd just looked and enjoy the warm sun, i also visited holbergsgade - which i stayed with my elementary classmate - vanessa - 3 years ago here.

christian! :P

i walked to the opera and contemplating if i should walk further to the little mermaid - but given the fact that i dont have sleep, i feel that i would pass out - so i turned back and headed to frederiksberg.

as i arrived in christians flat - heebeejeebees again! i couldnt open the door with the key! eeeeeekkkkkk i took a look if i had the right house and number - but i was sure it was - or?! i tried the key it wouldnt open - damn it! i looked for the names of the people living in the house and i couldnt find christian's name! eeeeeekkkkk kjuklingur moments again lol  i circled the neighborhood and looked at the address ahain - it was right! so with embrassment, i rang the neighbor's bell :D and spoke in halting english that i forgot my front door key and staying in christian's flat in the 2nd floor :D LOL i could feel my cheeks burning! hahahahahaha the neighbor opened the electric door, he/she opened the door but never showed his/her face, i thanked that person and went up to christian's flat, opened the door went straight to the room, looked at my clock 14:00 uhr christian would not be back at around 20:00 uhr so i set my alamr to 18:00 uhr before that i sent an sms to archie and see how we can meet - we arranged to meet at 18:30 uhr tomorrow.

after all these heebeejeebees, i closed my eyes - damn it in a matter of seconds i was zonked!


waking up at the sound of my alarm - at 18:00, i received an sms from christian that he will be home at around 20:30 uhr and he hoped i had not eaten, i went up and smoked and thenb slep again, i never had slept so good the last few days! i felt at home in christian's flat! before the arrival of christian, i was just in the room, lying all the time lol.

then at last the big man had arrived! i greeted him at the door - i offered my hand to shake but he hugged me and i hugged him! FINALLY after three years of constant communication in travbuddy - WE FINALLY MET! it was amazing! its like we've know each other that theres really no introduction needed!

after he put all his stuff, he called in for a taxi that picked us up and the taxi dropped us at the back of the town hall, christian asked me what kind of cuisine - mind you - cuisine he said not food lol hahahaha.

i told him - anything with pork, beef, chicken - so we went to a brewery in copenhagen (something like that) that serves traditional danish cuisine - but it was a closed door occasion, then christian asked me what do i prefer - carribean or french, well we had a carribean resto around the corner where i live in düsseldorf and frankly i dont like carribiean food, so i said french. 

christian took me to l'education nationale, its a brasserrie type of restaurant - more relaxed and not too stiff! christian wanted to fatten me up before the trip to iceland because he had a look of horror in his face when i told him that im gonna eat only bread and cheese! lol 

i ordered a calf stew in autumn vegetables as main course together with carrot juice and christian ordered a bottle of red wine for us! i think it was bordeaux but im not sure.

after out lenghty meal with LENGHTY CONVERSATIONS about everything - i was a bit tipsy and spilled red wine on my jeans! arrrrghhhhhhhhh i wasnt even on iceland yet i'd gotten dirty lol. food was still on the go as the waitress asked if we want to have dessert - i ordered cremè brulée and i only ate the half - i was so full! i could feel myself floating already! hahahahahaha.

after that christian took me for a stroll around copenhagen which i had never seen before! my favorite part is of course - the student area - because it has so many alternative bars and alternative lifestyle! christian promised me tomorrow that he will take the car and tour me around copenhagen to get some good night shots! i was looking forward big time on that!!!!

before that we toured around a bit and some couple of nights shots and went back to the flat and christians showed me some pictures books of old copenhagen before the war and the great fire! i learned so much the history of denmark and copenhagen that night - christian was really good in explaining everything to me!!!! i took some books in my room and looked and read some of them before gong to sleep! cant wait for the big day tomorrow!


lauro says:
chstistian is amazing portia! i believe david met him when he was there? unfortunately christian is always aaway! lol when i got in copenhagen, he just left me his key coz he wasnt there lol
Posted on: Aug 14, 2014
portia says:
I was in Copenhagan nut did nit get to meet Christian :( next time...
Posted on: Aug 12, 2014
lauro says:
hahahahahahahaha you have to "pet" the weather :P dont curse it, instead give love to it :D i learned doing that living in europe! hahahahah hahahahaha yes yes - it will take some time for me to start blogging about iceland - still need to finish the copenhagen entries! lol
Posted on: Oct 17, 2010
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the famous nyhavn in all its color…
the famous nyhavn in all its colo…
christian! :P
christian! :P
leducation nationale - french bra…
l'education nationale - french br…
my dinner :D i was so full!
my dinner :D i was so full!
my dessert of cremè brulèe with …
my dessert of cremè brulèe with…
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