bad weather and a break from the long drive!

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took a ic of the guys waiting for their food in the diner.

would you believe that from such a sunny weather - it began to rain again?!! actually im not suprised anymore - but well, it can get frustrating! lol good thing we were driving up into a small town and its time for a break for the guys. as we drove more and more to the east - we were getting close to greenland - but apparently and again surprisingly - it was not cold! it was actually colder in germany when i left - here, its just normal chill for a normal autumn weather.

as we stopped in the supermarket - the guys went in but i smoked outside - from the outside i could see them crowding around the diner :P again i was not surprised that most of them ould order hamburger :P lol nothing much to choose from anyway - it either hamburger or else you die lol :P ahahahahaha - well there was hotdog too :P

as i was outside - saw big matt came out talking to someone on the phone, as he was finished i asked who that was - yes im sneaky lol - he said it was his girlfriend - oh i said - you missed her and you called her?! he retorted - no, she misses him and calle him lol i gotta love these conversations with big matt - short - but witty and funny!

when i went inside - theres nothing i would buy anyway - as i bought all the stuff i needed for the night.

can you see the snowline?!!
i hang with the guys in the diner, and i kept on munching (or unconciously stealing?!) amber's fries lol - and i sheepishly told her that ive been eating the bread that she asked me to keep eye on :P so i said to her that i would buy her the fries! :D i got embarassed of eating behind amber's back her bread :P lol hahahahaha.

i do not remember to whom i said this - but i said that were just under the volcano and glacier of snaefellsjökull - because i caught a glimpse of the snowline of the mountain as the clouds dissapeared for a few seconds! i was excited!!! cant wait to get there tomorrow!

we all went back to cars and continued driving - i never knew that we were that close already! looking at the map - it really seemed far to drive - but were finally reaching the point where snaefellsnes peninsula ends and where the glacier and volcano snaefellsjökull is situated!


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took a ic of the guys waiting for …
took a ic of the guys waiting for…
can you see the snowline?!!
can you see the snowline?!!
photo by: jakublb