back in reykjavik, erik cooking dinner, exploring the nightscape of the city and a thank you card.

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beautiful autumn colors of reykjavik!

from the blue lagoon, we went back to reykjavik by bus - it was warm but windy - and i got to sit again at the window  and this time the bus drove on the seaside.

we were all tired - but soaking it up in the blue lagoon made me feel relaxed, the calming and hot water of the lagoon really gets deep into the body, with all the actions we had after roadtrip and camping in iceland - i felt refreshed again.

we drove into sunny and blue sky and finally we reached reykjavik, the good thing about buses in iceland was that it doenst stop directly to the bus station but - bringing people back to their hostels and hotel and for the first time in the entire trip - i saw the inner city of reykjavik in daylight! i really want to explore the city and i want to see the imagine peace tower by the artist yoko ono in the harbor!

so thats it! thats my plan for the remaining afternoon or evening! when we got to the station - i was so hungry - i went to this icelandic fastfood in the bus station - the chicken burgers costed 1400 kronur - fucking expensive (something like with a pepsi and fries) i rang the bell but after 1 minute of waiting nobody came out, so i headed to subway and got myself a thuna sandwhich and i bought pepsi from the gas station.

erik series of him preparing our dinner :P lol

when i got back to the hostel everybody was forming into groups and going to eat out - i said i wont spend that much money anymore - and i dont want to pay 3000 kronur for one night of dinner, so i said ill be staying and eating my sandwhich and probably i want to go out to explore the city other than the main street of laugavegur - where the bars are.

as i went inside my room - i was surprised to see erik there! he doenst want to go out too and spend money - instead he was going to cook - and he saw my sandwhich and said - whats the shit im eating :P lol told him its tuna :D hahahaha he said - he's going to prepare and cook meal - FOR US! oh no no no -  i told erik im fine with my sandwhich but he wont hear the end of it - and i asked him whats he gonna gonna cook - and he told me - a suprise! arrrghhhh i hate suprises! hahahahaha

as erik started to prepare dinner - i sent an sms to sarah if she could meet up in the night - she sms back and told me that she was with hrabbi, mark and harriet and they invited me to join them for dinner - but i told them i dont want to spend any more money - so we agreed to meet at 8:00 pm for a night scape sightseeing and hrabbi will pick us up (me and erik - who agreed to come)! not bad!

then i was surprised that jeff didnt went to go out eating as well - so i asked jeff if he had time and would join us and he'll be glad to go!

as erik finished cooking THE DINNER - its was chicken schnitzel - i had to raise an eyebrow on that one - how did he managed to smuggle meat to iceland?! lol and.

erik enjoying his couscous :P
................. tada! COUSCOUS - arrrghhhh i dont eat couscous or any arabic dish - erik said (in german) why?! i told him its just so - HE LOOKED SO DISSAPOINTED but i told him im gonna devour the chicken schnitzel - i gave my share of couscous to jeff - who ate it and we conversed WHY I DONT EAT ARABIC CUISINE hahahahaha why is it always me?! lol i told them - that im not used to it, its like a european eating some strange food in eastern asia. erik said how would i know that i dont like it if i hadnt eaten it?! hahaha erik was so fucking persistent - but i just told him its just so!!! lol hahahaha

at around 8 pm - hrabbi arrived and parked his car outside the hostel - i told the guys that i wanted to see the cityscape of reykjavik and the imagine peace tower and erik and jeff were tagging along!

we were greeted by hrabbi, mark, harriet and sarah and me erik and jeff were crammed at the back of hrabbi ULTRA GIANT 4x4 VEHICLE!



hrabbi drove us to see some nightscapes at reykjavik - we drove again to laugavegur and around the inner city to see some sights in the night and finally hrabbi drove us to the harbor we we can see the imagine peace tower! as we got out - it was so windy!!!!! but the illuminating giant light was jutting up into the sky! i couldnt take pics of it darn it - the cam said it was too dark (!?) sarah did tried to help me but it was no use :((((( anyway as it was getting late - we have to drive back - we dropped sarah, mark and harriet into radisson hotel - but before that a farewell of hugs to the guys! i'm a little bit sad that we spent little time together but at least - i got to spend it with them!!!!! i hugged harriet and sarah tightly!!!!!

as they got inside - we drove off - apparently hrabbi wasnt still tired and he wanted to surprise us!!!! i told you in the beginning - i hate surprises! hahahaha erik sat on the front - finally his big ass wasnt on the way lol - then me and jeff at the back!

we drove at the outskirts of rekyjavik! until finally - there was darkness and hrabbi asked us if we were ready and we said yes! lol slowly - we went off road IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT his huge 4x4 was a spectacular sight wading through piles of rocks and dirt! erik was taking a video of our drive, while hrabbi was driving like he's just going to work :D lol while me and jeff at the back hold on to dear life as were going upward and upward!!!! hrabbi told us that he's taking us to a place where couples spend their nights :P lol hahahahahahahaah - then suddenly i shouted to hrabbi that hes taking us to the top of mt.

hrabbi and erik while driving on top of mt. esja!
esja!!!! he just smiled - because i was right! lol hahahahahaha

we stopped on a plateau on top of the mountain - as we got out - oh my god - i thought i was going to be blown away by the wind! it was so strong!!!!! the gust must be strong as the one in reynisdrangar.

but beyond us - as the glowing lights of rekjyavik!!! it was so beautiful! finally my camera could absorb light and it can take pics - even though i have a tripod the wind was so strong and it was too cold to hold the tripod after a couple of tries i gave up! hrabbi was just looking at us smiling while he was smoking lol.

as we went down - we drove to a diferrent 4x4 path - something like that - coz i couldnt recognize the road anymore - i really thought that the adventures in iceland stopped but it was still there! lol

back in the highway - we were laughing and erik was just so hyper! he was - i dont know - just excited to ride hrabbi's giant 4x4 - but hrabbi wanted to surprise erik -w we drove to is father's house and showed erik his father's (if hrabbi's 4x4 was ultra giant) - his father's 4x4 WAS AS BIG AS HOUSE! lol amazing!!!!!!!

after that hrabbi showed us some landmarks and drove us straight to the hostel.

the only picture i could do of reykjavik from top of mt. esja - the wind was so strong and soooo cold!
i hugged hrabbi and thanked him for the amazing joyride he just gave us - eventhough he told me he thought i was tall :P lol hahahahahaha.



when we were back, apparently the guys were waiting for us! lol hahahaha maike wanted us to sign her huge map of iceland with dedication and janja's tshirt too! as we were clowning around - i said i wanted to go down and smoke but they said i should smoke further because the house was leaking gas!!!!! i didnt noticed  - coz i had runny nose :D lol and harri wanted to borrow my sd cards but i only gave him the 2nd part :P because i have some "incriminating" pics as rj said hahahaha and the other had so many pics of copenhagen.

the thank you card *sniff* (still havent read it till im writing this blog!) with rj's trademark puffin drawing!

i went down and finally relaized that the house really was smelling gas! too dangerous!

when i went back - all of guys said they wont sleep :P because it would be scary if it blows up lol hahahahahaha - then to my surprise everybody handed me and maike 2 cards - A THANK YOU CARD!!!!!!!! now this was the time i really broke down in tears and told them what was been inside my heart this trip. i was really so touched - maike read her card - but i told them - that i would read it at home and probably read it before i finished writing all of our adventures! i thanked them for believing in me.

before going to sleep for the guys who have flights tomorrow - including me - we playing a kissing game :P lol hahahahahahha we have to kiss people who were seated next to us :D hahahahahahaha sounds high schoolish but it was fun!

janja, erik and me called it a night - it was alread 2AM!!!!!! and we have to leave at 4:20 - in just two hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha

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beautiful autumn colors of reykjav…
beautiful autumn colors of reykja…
erik series of him preparing our d…
erik series of him preparing our …
erik enjoying his couscous :P
erik enjoying his couscous :P
hrabbi and erik while driving on t…
hrabbi and erik while driving on …
the only picture i could do of rey…
the only picture i could do of re…
the thank you card *sniff* (still …
the thank you card *sniff* (still…
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