ashi & me spending an afternoon in copenhagen before our flights to germany and switzerland.

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instinct woke me up, as i opened my eyes - were about to land in copenhagen. i had around an hour and a half sleep, i didnt had any complimentary drinks nor watched some films but it was good though. as least i got to close my eyes a bit.

as the plande landed in copenhagen, the weather was gorgeous, like in the last few days in iceland - it was sunny. i hurriedly went out and went straight directly to the baggage claim - because ashi should be waiting for me - he was an hour early than me.

when i went there - my god - our baggages were combined with the flight from paris - there were too many people waiting for their baggages and luggages. i was almost falling to the ground - it was past 12 noon, i didnt had any bite, no sleep, NO MONEY (well technically i have but none danish kröner) and they dont accept icelandic kronur in the shops  i felt frustrated coz i have around 5000 icelandic kronur and im scared that i wont be able to change it! arrrrrgh.

the bags took some time! my god! it was almost 1pm when the bags came out - and im beginning to wonder if ashi would still be waiting for me! we didnt had each other's number - it was all by word that were going to meet and explore copenhagen together.

as i got my bags - i couldnt carry them all - i was too weak - all i wanted to do was find a spot and sleep again - arrrrghh - so i took a trolley and put my bags there and headed outside the arrival area. i was almost falling down - i felt so tired from lack of sleep, i felt my legs and bones falling apart - but i promised ashi that im gonna show him copenhagen.

when i got out of the arrival gate - i immediately spotted ashi! called his name but he didnt heard it - because i almost dont have any voice anymore and it was so loud in the airport.

i ran to him carrying my heavy bag like a little macaulay caulkin on home alone :D lol - finally he heard me calling hins name - i was sweating coz its so hot inside the airport. i apologized to him that it took forever for my bags to came - then ashi suggested i self check-in my bags - hadnt done that before - so i tried - and put all the stickers by myself - i was a bit worried because my very treasure that i took of island was in one of my bags - the sands of reynisdrangar.

i booked in at SAS airlines - to fly back to düsseldorf - i wanted to try SAS and this was the perfect opportunity - and i like reviewing airlines - so another new airline for me after icelandair. but being me, there isnt a moment withouth heebeejeebes - ashi told me just to check the bags in the nearest sas counter - and so i did - when it was my turn the woman behind the counter looked at - dark eyes - smelling badly, dirty clothes and cap and basically looking like a hobbo :P and she said if i bought business class ticket :P i said no - so she directed me to another counter :D hahahahahahahaa i hate you ashish bambhani! hahahahahaha

anyway we found the next counter and i checked in everythign except for my daypack - i dont want to lunge around in copenhagen with my big backpack - so we went to buy tickets to copenhagen central station - i tried my luck if i can pay in icelandic kronur but the counter said no! arrrghh i asked ashi if i could pay him later once i find a bank! arrrghhhhhh it didnt took long for us to be at the central station - what a beautiful weather - same as when i was in copenhagen 2 weeks ago! i went straight to the forex and thank god - they exchange - but sadly - wasnt much that i hoped for.

so i paid ashi my share and BEGGED HIM to eat at KFC! ahahahah he agreed too!

i was hoping that they have those crispy chickens but apparently not, well kfc is kfc which i ordered two piece chicken, mashed potato and pepsi! i felt a little better with something in my stomach - i can act normal again! lol. after we ate - we decided to explore copenhagen - i mean to show ashi around!

we walked and walked around copenhagen, until we came to amalienborg palace - thats about 2 kms of walking - for me thats nothing coz i walk everyday to work - the problem was - im beginning to fall, we rested on a bench not far from thel ittle mermaid statue but still the mermaid was in china for the beijing expo, so it it wasnt there. i looked at the clock it was 5 pm - ashi's flight was around 7:30 pm while i at 8:30 pm.

i told ashi to go back to the airport - i would vomit from dizziness from lack of sleep - the the roadtrip and camping in iceland took its toll on me. i mean - it wouldnt be that bad the problem was - lack of sleep plus too much walking.

we took the subway back to the airport - we didnt knew if our ticket was valid or not :P but we did ahahahha. arriving at the airport - we checked in security and went inside - i got hungry again - i needed rice - so i went toe the yam yam chinese box and ordered rice while ashi went to eat some pizza. after eating, we went around the airport - and finally, my body collapsed and we sat down - to where my gate to düsseldorf was and i knew it - most - around 90% of passengers that goes to düsseldorf were business people with suits - its always like that lol.

some people were eating and drinking wine at caviar house & prunier bar - it was just across us as we sat, the clinks of glass and china can be heard - but evenso, it felt faraway from me/us. having to actually camped around iceland and encountering almost to no people - only nature - made me feel unrealistic to the real world. i miss the wild already.

ashi and me hugged before he left for his flight - it was nice to be at least with a friend from the team before i head back to germany.

as i sat waiting for my flight - some teenagers who were also on the flight as me kept looking and laughing at me - i know, i looked dragged, black puffy eyes, haggard, unshaved, unclean - looking homeless - yes its true.

but as ive got on the plane and landed in düsseldorf - i smiled, because i felt complete in my life - i had done all the things i wanted to do, i couldnt ask for more - i felt contented and i laughed at them :D

anyway, knowing me - heebeejeebees were everywhere - the airline lost my sleeping bag! arrrrggggggggggghhhh

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