the angels walk with me, guide me to the water's edge.

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reynisdrangar, here i am. set me free.

i was getting sick, i could feel some humming in my ears, my bones were aching and my eyes getting watery. still i needed to save my remaining strenght for the last part of the trip for today -into  the black beaches of vík and the haunting rocks of reynisdrangar.

before organizing this trip to iceland with maike, i had seen so many pictures of iceland - geysirs, waterfalls, glaciers, high cliffs, icebergs, table mountains, volcanoes and many more but one thing that stuck to my mind and in my heart that i would like to see someday....... the rocks of reynisdrangar. i dont know why.. but the black beach with strong and raging waves crashing into the rocks proves how powerful nature can be. the picturce i saw pf renisdrangar in blazing red sunset, covered in snow with crashing waves - it was a dark picture, very sorrowful and gloomy but it pulled me into something i would never know until i get there.

the angels walk with me, guide me to the water's edge.

we drove past the sun, into the clouds once again and into the sea, once we passed the last mountain barrier of mýrdalsjökull glacier, it began to rain, the scenery changed - from high volcanic cliffs to flatlands with black beaches and little vegetation mostly of grass. i was at the back of the defender, patiently anticipating the next 20 kms, as it was the distance of the small town of vík - our destination.

with lieke having her handbook about iceland - and as we looked into the horizon - a mass of mountain just simply jutted out from the sea! lieke pointed that - that was probably were reynisdrangar was. so we drove until the town - they were looking for another spot to see the rocks because there are many vantage points to see reynisdrangar - but i was hoping and praying that we would drive into the exact spot where i can see the rocks in the beaches - i did not told them that, i let them decide which vantage point we go - because i dont want to be selfish.

a place where i again found love in solitude.

but i guess - fate was in my hands and destiny called - we drove straight to where the vantage point of reynisdrangar that i wanted to go. it is where a mountain just drop off the sea, the black beach and reynisdrangar - where the three rocks aligned straight in the distance. the picture of that vantage point for me is the most beautiful of all - a print in time as i would say.

as we parked the car and i went out - the sound of the raging waves were to hear and the only words that came into my mouth was "OH MY GOD". i hurriedly went into the beach leaving the others behind. i want to be alone, all alone to savor, to bask, to enjoy, to relish the place ive been longing to see - i was not dissapointed, it was so beautiful that i almost cried seeing it.

a video dedicated to my favorite place in iceland, reynisdrangar.

the black beach has sea stacks jutting out dramatically from the water, according to legend, the rocks of reynisdrangar were three trolls caught by sunlight namely: skessudrangur, laddrangur and langhamar and a decade ago, it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world for its haunting and dramatic landscape.

many friends and aquaintances had asked me why do not i travel to south-east asia, enjoy the tropical beaches, the blue sky and the fun. they even dare tell me that i forgot my roots. no, i did not forgot my roots, i do not forget about my past or where i came from. it's just that, growing up in tropical weather, blue and aquamarine beaches - i am all used to them. it just doenst make me happy sitting in a lounge bar, sipping a mixed drink and lying on a warm tropical beach, thats not me, it will kill something inside me to do something like that.

reynisdrangar, fill my life with beauty.
i prefer desolate and stormy beaches - unswimmable ones. reading so many literatures  from around the world as a child made me yearn to be transported into another world where only i could understand and make me happy from within. no, i did not forgot about my roots, people just dont understand me.

the weather was gloomy, dreary and raining, to be honest its so hard to make pictures with this weather, but the mood was perfect for everything. because if its sunny, the haunting mood and melancholy wouldnt be there and it would not be so striking as it was. i played along the beach - i was oblivious to my friends who were laughing and having fun at the beach and playing with the waves. i just want to be with myself, its difficult to explain why but these kind of places means so much to me, i felt some spiritual belonging.

us at the black beach.
so many people asked me already if i am a deep person or an artist - but dissapointingly told them that i am not. i can be the happiest person in the world if i eat at KFC with so many gravy that i disgustingly drink it from the cup. i guess there are two sides of a face, one - where  people know me because its the way i want them to know the "fun" me and the other i keep to myself, where i can only understand my inner happiness, only one person understands that and i thank her that she is my best friend forever - my cosmic sister.

as i ran around the strecht of black beach, oblivious to the surrounding around me, i felt healed, it's been a while since i found a place of belonging and of solitude. the beauty of reynisdrangar filled my spirit - the raging waves, the blast of the north wind and the tempestuous weather felt like angels that guided me into the water's edge.

the black beach of vík and reynisdrangar, with the rocks namely: skessudrangur, laddrangur and langhamar - 3 trolls that were caught by sunlight and turned to rocks.
i was free again.

as i went back to the group, i felt like a stranger. it felt like as i didnt know them, it was a strange feeling of few minutes of being alone and enjoying my own world and then suddenly back into the present time.

as we headed back to the cars - looked at my back and saw probably for the last time, a print of time far away from home had set me free.


we went to the gas station, to fill up - it was the most windiest place i had ever been in my life! i thought the wind would carry me - the lamposts swayed as the might of the wind blasted in every direction. the guys stayed inside the car while i smoked outside. it took some time before the cars filled up, and they all went out to eat at the restaurant.

then apparently - we have a BIG PROBLEM! we dont have keys for the petrol lock of the defender - the car agency didnt gave us any key - and we found out only about now! it took some figuring before big matt decided - as he was a locksmith before - that he would FORCEFULLY open the petrol lock with a swiss knife :D and he did perfectly! :D so problem solved! at the resto - the guys wanted to have hot food and they did - but i just couldnt let go of reynisdrangar and excused myself to go out at the parking lot of the gas station to have a look at it one more time.

when i came back - i joined maike, matt, dave and jeff on the table - and i told maike - that im burning inside - i'm gonna be fucking sick! arrrrghhhhhhhhhhh.

lauro says:
were on the same boat ^^ lol ^^
Posted on: Dec 09, 2012
mountaingirl says:
Hauntingly beautiful .... and definitely more interesting than a calm blue tropical sea! No, I can't imagine lying on the tropical beach and doing nothing, too boring :)
Posted on: Dec 09, 2012
lauro says:
yes - the story of the three trolls caught in sunlight and turned to rocks was haunting!
Posted on: Nov 25, 2010
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