akureyri and the gentle greenland sea and as usual erik threw me around like a toy lol

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driving into akureyri!

as ive said - we left behind all the major "touristic" waterfalls around the ring road of iceland. if there would be any waterfall/s along the way - it would just be a bonus for us. we drove and we drove and we drove - as the map had said we would be passing akureyri, the 2nd largest city in iceland - with only 17,000 people living :P

finally we drove into a huge fjord - and we were gasping insuide the shit lada at the sight of the city- it was beautiful! with low hanging clouds the hover above the small city - mark asked me how many people lived there and i said - 17,000 and the 2nd largest city - :P and his reply was - "already the 2nd largest?!" lol hahahaha

the ass killa stopped by a platform view to take pics of the city and the finally finally finally - OUR FIRST GLIMPSE of the GREENLAND SEA.

there was a huge bulldozer in the platform doing something :P but maike asked the driver if it was ok to park the cars there :P lol

as i got out and "examined" the sea  ot wasnt as i expected! i thought it was rough and you know - wavey?! lol but it was so calm and gentle! the fjord sheltered the small city of akureyri and the greenlad sea slowly makes it way into the harbor - there arent any waves pounding actually! it was sooooo gentle - it felt like a lake rather than the GREENLAND SEA OR THE ARCTIC OCEAN! lol

i had a hard time taking pics here - i dont know why actually - maybe because i was pressured to do pretty pics (from my colleagues and bosses in germany) so when im pressured - i suck big time.

i was fiddling with my cam and it was to no use so i just put it back and i wanted to enjoy the view anyway - but out of nowhere - erik (who seemed to be enojying wrestling matches with maike and wilmke) suddenly AGAIN plucked me out like a chicken from the ground and started carrying and twirling me lol i felt like a rag doll (as erin would say lol) - big matt wouldnt let this opportunity pass and suddenly took pics of erik who was enjoying himself carrying me and i thought my ribs would break from his grip lol - out of the corner of my eye :P i saw david b.

erik just plucked me out from the ground like chicken! lol (pic from big matt)
looking at us in amazement and disbelief :P im sure he now knows how the europeans do fun -like  hurting each other :P hahahahah hahaha

when eric finally put me down - my ribs hurt lol it was fun! but im not sure i'd do it again or let him pluck me again lol hahahahaha. so we went back into the cars and drove through the city - it looked a "bit" like reykjavik - except that the mountains that surround akureyri are higher and snow capped - NORTH that is.

it was getting dark - as we drove out of akureyri - i hope maike, big matt and the ass killa guys would find a spot soon to camp!


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driving into akureyri!
driving into akureyri!
erik just plucked me out from the …
erik just plucked me out from the…
photo by: sandraljoska