10/10/10 travbuddy arctic meet up in the BLUE LAGOON, iceland! thank you for coming!

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us at the front entrace of the blue lagoon! and david b. was missing in action! lol

i got back at the hostel at around 2:30-3am and as janja had said, i didnt locked the door and left it open - the grumpy hostel receptionist would die of heart attack if he found out about that :D coz hes always complaining that were not locking doors :P

as i slept - still in R.E.M. state - i was shaken that someone so big, bulky and heavy slept beside me! LOL hahahah i guess im not used to having someone slept beside me since i was 7 years old. it was erik - my god - i thought i was going to roll over his side of the bed! hahahaha coz i am light and it felt like an elephant was sleeping beside me :P hahahahahahahahaha.

i tried to concentrate sleeping - i need energy - i feel like im really gonna break down - not from being sick but it was too much for my body - withouth getting proper rest and because of all the action for 8 days!


i woke up before all of them in the room - checked my things if jeff "did it again" lol thank god everything in my bags were ok - there werent any NASTY stuff from jeff :P i started to boil water - it was 9 am and we opted to leave for the blue lagoon at around 11 am - because alyssa will leave at 2:30 pm and catch her flight at 4:30 pm back to the states - it would be a pity if were not there!

i made cup noodles and started to eat - it was too early for me to eat something hot - but i need to since it would be VERY expensive to eat in the blue lagoon but as ive recalled - iceland doenst make really good cup noodles, it tasted so differently - like drinking soup from water which had been washed from someone else's feet! hahahahha but i cant be picky - forced myself to eat it and some cookies while i drank darjeeling tee.

some secrets in our little room and erik was acting like a new born baby! lol
our room was total mess - from all the clutter we had from camping we all just dumped them into the trashcan and it overflowed with trash.

then suddenly erik woke up MOANING hahahahahaha, his huge body was all over, hes complaining that he was too drunk i told him what he drank and he said one shot of tequila and i just rolled my eyes lol - apparently - big boy erik doenst drink and little sip of alcohol turns the big boy into a baby lol - he cant even move and he asked me if i can make tea for him - are you kidding me?! i said - youre as big as an elephant :P do it yourself! hahahaha im not your slave - i said.

but looking at him - he really looked like a mess - i felt pity and i asked him where's his tea was - started to make him tea AND SERVED BREAKFAST IN BED STYLE! lol hahahahahaha i got to hand it to erik - he knows how to play with situations lol.

i had to grab this pics feom alyssa and sarah ;( but i was glad of the success of the travbuddy dinner and the blue lagoon meet up! THANKS TO HRABBI!
all that was missing was that me spoonfeeding erik with baby food! hahahaha

janja woke up too and so's jeff who apparently wanted to shave all his thick beard!

i started to go inside the hostel proper (our room was outside) and started rounding everybody up! oh my god! at 9:00 am they were still sleeping - except for lieke! who was already preparing herself - love you lieke! lol i asked her where the others were and i went to the rooms and started shouting their names - no one answered - so i knocked on one door and opened it - eeeeeeeekkkkkk it was another guest at the hostel - an old man naked :P hahahahahahahahaha i said sorry and hurriedly closed the door lol hahahahahaha

finally i found maike and wilmke and theyre getting ready!!!!! good! and most of the guys too :P but as usual harri was still sleeping :P hahhahahahaha  - i went with erik and jeff into the bus station - because we debated whether the taxi service that hrabbi recommended me was cheaper or getting a bus ticket - jeff wanted to ask too if there are tours in iceland he could do as hes staying for 2 more days.

i love wilmke's reaction here! lol
so we found out that getting the bus would be cheaper - around 6300 kronur back and forth - not bad - but not including the blue lagoon entrance - expensive! lol

david b. wasnt to be found :( he told the guys last night that he would be at the hostel at 11 am but still - he wasnt there - i left a note at the door telling him instructions - but jeff would stay and catch up since he wanted to shave his beard :P so we all gathered at the bus station and some of them bought sandwhiches while waiting for the bus! then it was time to go - and david b. was nowhere to be found :( *sniff*


to grindavik and the blue lagoon!

we were the noisiest group inside the bus! lol the driver was a bit annoyed that we didnt teared up those coupons to present to him instead we gave him the whole ticket coupons - how would we know?! lol

it was time for gossip as were on the way to the blue lagoon - people telling what happened and blah blah - people couldnt keep secrets :P i was seated next to harri and i couldnt believe what he was telling me :P anyway - the part about telling an icelandic girl that he's only 24 made me laugh so hard - i choked on the crackers that i was munching! hahahahahah hahahaha - i couldnt believe how noisy we were considering that most of us only had 2 hours of sleep after partying last night!!!!!!!



*pictures from the blue lagoon itself (mainly on the water) was courtesy of big matt and his waterproof camera*

we arrived in the blue lagoon half past 12 noon - we could see it already from a distance inside the bus - it looked strange as it was situated in the middle of lava fields and its realyl blue in color! lol we were amazed.

us at the blue lagoon! :P with dave, lieke and harri having goop on their faces lol

getting in - it was so high tech! lol we were given bracelets with infrared on it, and its gonna be our "keys" to our lockers and whatever meal or drinks we consumed - it will be autumatically billed inside the little infrared attached to the bracelets! wow! (well actually, it was the same case as of the toilets in my old school in germany :P) the entrace was a hefty 28 euros per person - thats fucking expensive - but hey - WE EARNED IT after camping through iceland!

the men and women lockers of course are separated - i went further away from the guys :P i went to some lockers where not many people use it - i hurriedly changed into my bathing shorts and showered for a minute - took my towel and went outside and when i did - THE FIRST GUST OF WIND ALMOST THREW ME OFF AND I WANTED TO IMMEDIATELY GO BACK!!! it was fucking cold! oh my god!

but i wasnt gonna be a wimp here - i immediatley went into the lagoon and wow just wow!!!! it was so warm! like 33°c! the other guys were there - alyssa, hariet, mark, julie, sarah and hrabbi - they were waiting for us - problem was - i told them - we were so hard partying last night and we came home so late - so was hrabbi :P who had to wake up so early (for him :P) after partying with us to pick the guys up! robert was nowhere to be found - but he will come!

there were lots of greeting and stories to tell! lol i was happy to spend another day with alyssa because in about two hours she will leave! :((( suddenly our group was the noisiest and wildest of all when some guys decided to do some acrobatics in the water :P and the blue lagoon patrol kept circling to contain us :P hahahahahaha then me and harriet and mark waded into the otherside where the silica gel was (we actually called it GOOP lol - like when slimer from ghostbusters went past through you and leave you some yucky - well - GOOP lol)

so we had goop on our faces :P before there was only me, harriet and mark :P but as soon as the other guys saw what we were doing - they practically invaded the place and the other innocent nystanders who were alsop putting goop on their face HAD TO LEAVE hahahahaha - the blue lagoon patrol hurriedly went to our side again :P

then alyssa had to leave! :((( we had a last picture of me hugging her :P and thanked her for coming to the meet up!

it was getting hungry so i had to buy a drink - i bought a blue lava drink from the blue lagoon bar and the air in my lungs whoosed out - fucking five euros for a small drink lol anyway - i cant complain - im hungry - just enjoy it :P when i went back to the guys sipping my drink they all asked me whered i got it - i told them at the bar somewhere there lol and most of them bought beers :P 

after i finished my drink - i had to go inside to use the toilet - sitting there were hrabbi, sarah, mark and harriet - we had alot of conversations there and im glad i was dried.

group pic! :P
it was time to go back again - and after some minutes - we saw someone who was familiar - IT WAS JEFF!!!! lol he doenst have any beard on!!!!! but it was icky as he doenst have any shaving cream and he had cuts on his chin from shaving - someone said to dip his face into the water coz it will heal :P hahahaha im sure it was wilmke hahahahahaha

some of us were dissapointed that they hadnt saw the whale back at snaefellsnes - specially big matt - knowing me :P it was time to set the little devil thats been boiling inside of me since the trip and i pointed at him a huge lady in tight bathing suit that he can go whale watching here in the blue lagoon :P hahahahaha finally - im out! lol hahahahahahaa

after some horsing around it was time to leave as our skin was getting wrinkled! some idiot thrw my towel into the water!! arrrrghhh now i dont have any towel!!!!! so in the locker room i painstakingly dried myself withouth a tower but good thing big matt lend me his! bless his heart!

it was time to pay - im getting ready how much the infrared calculation of the bill was - so it was like 35 euros! wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

another one - look at my fecking face! lol - it looked like im glad it was all over :P lol

after going out - we lingered for a while in the souvenir shop - so expensive the items - no one could pay them!!!!!!

as we waited for the bus - the guys julie, sarah, harriet, robert and mark went into hrabbi's car!

and i just realized that the date of the meet-up was somewhat spooky! lol its october 10, 2010 - so its like 10/10/10 lol hahahahahaha


*sorry these are the only pics i could have :( before i could download more pics - erik's external hard drive crashed :(*

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us at the front entrace of the blu…
us at the front entrace of the bl…
some secrets in our little room an…
some secrets in our little room a…
i had to grab this pics feom alyss…
i had to grab this pics feom alys…
i love wilmkes reaction here! lol
i love wilmke's reaction here! lol
us at the blue lagoon! :P with dav…
us at the blue lagoon! :P with da…
group pic! :P
group pic! :P
another one - look at my fecking f…
another one - look at my fecking …
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