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oh well, anyone living in Jakarta must have had at least once visited this shopping haven, commonly known as Pasar Baru (literally, New Market). It's not 'new' though, in fact it's hundred years old. Built & developed by the Dutch during its occupation, when Jakarta was named Batavia, Pasar Baru had its glory up until the 80s where it was one of the very few places to go to buy high quality goods (shoes, sandals, bags, textiles, sport gears, jewellery, even cooking utensils) for Jakartans and Indonesians from other provinces when they visited Jakarta. Believe me, every child  growing up in the 70s & 80s (and their parents for sure) would have loved to buy a new pair of shoes in Pasar Baroe.
Oh, dont forget about those textiles! Up to now, people will point to Pasar Baroe whenever asked where to see, bargain, and buy quality textiles :-)

However, some things changed in the 90s when those new malls sprung up across Jakarta. But, hey, turns out it's not that changed! So, no worries, people still love Pasar Baroe and love shopping there. It's never been empty.

Even just strolling down the lane would be an enjoyable experience. Windows shopping. People watching. Salespersons offering passersby to enter their textile stores, offering crazy discounts. Music blaring from the speakers. Only in Pasar Baroe can you find several competing & rival department stores having their store located side by side or opposite each other. What with their 'announcers' trying to outdo each other through speaker shouting the latest discounts for clothing, shoes etc etc you name it in the hope to attract anyone to drop by in their store. So crowded. Feeling hungry? whenever i'm there, I always eat at this particular restaurant, jeez I forgot the name, one of the oldest in Jakarta, which still serves the same ice cream that made the restaurant famous in the 70s & 80s, and that my parents probably had on their shopping dates in Pasar Baroe when they were still dating each other.

Just like anyone growing up and living in Jakarta, Pasar Baroe will remain a special place.

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photo by: cicie