5th Travbuddy Meet-Up ~~ Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Having only been in Calgary, Alberta for only four months, Dan and I decided to look into putting together a Banff meet-up for the summer to come.  In doing so, we had the opportunity to be contacted by many interested TB'ers from over-seas, in the US, and locals from here in the Calgary region.  Most of the Calgarian TB'ers were 'new' to TB and had never been to a meet-up, let alone a mini meet-up within the Calgary Region.  Well, one TB'er living in Calgary decided to take the plunge and meet up with Dan and I (Row-zzzzz) for wings one Wednesday night in June 2009.  Mark or Marxy, as he's known on TB, seemed shy at first but in no time was talking to us about all his travel experiences and future travel dreams.  Dan and I told him about the meet-up in July in hopes he'd go to it with us as not many people from Calgary seemed anxious to go, or were apprenhensive, or they had other activities going on in July 2009.  Either way, I was pleased to meet Mark (Marxy) and as a result, a ritual meeting on Wednesdays for wings has now become a TB-Calgary-tradition.  Since then we have recruited Manny (cosmicnomand) to come out on Wednesdays and there seems to be new TB hopefuls coming out and potentially joining in this awesome site called Travbuddy.  I can't thank Eric and Dave enough, your research papers/decision to create this site is bringing many wonderful people together who may have never had this opportunity if it hadn't been for the two of you!! Travbuddy = Friendships!!!!!!!!!!! 
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photo by: Vikram