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Inevitably, I’d had some misadventures on my trip, which usually involved men.  Not surprising I guess, being female and alone. I won’t mention names, but instead give a general description. 


There was the Sex Tourist.  No, he never said he was, but he was a single foreign man in his forties who said he’d hotel-hop when on vacation here, and didn’t like the beach. He stayed in the room next door to me.  Late one night, he and a girl woke me up, because their voices were as loud as a megaphone through the thin walls.  Good thing I was too sleepy to pay much attention, but I did hear him say the cheesiest lines to this girl.  Like “You’re too guapa for my age”, etc.  The next day, I was having breakfast in the garden while he saw his girl off. One look at them gave away the whole story.  Then he started chatting me up! I was polite, and we actually had a pretty decent conversation.  He suggested maybe we should hang out the rest of day.  I told him I was leaving that day.


There was the Text-Mate/Stalker.  I’d met him on the trip and I was friendly, and he must’ve gotten my mobile number because I’d logged it, so he started to text.  I’d respond sometimes, but then he started to want to know where I was all the time. I happened to know from someone else that he had a wife, but he denied this, saying she was his cousin.  To stop him, I said I happened to be already with my boyfriend (A lie! I did meet a guy, but just a friend).  The text messages stopped immediately.  There was also somebody else like him, but I never responded because I didn’t even know the guy.  That guy also eventually gave up.


There was the DOM (Dirty Old Man). Years ago, a kindly grandpa helped me out then invited me to dinner to meet his family. I didn’t accept that invitation, and so regretted it.  I thought that this other man would be the same. He mentioned that I could stay at his place if I had nowhere to sleep, and to have dinner together.  As it was almost time for merienda (afternoon tea), I said that tea would be o.k., but I was fine staying where I was. Over tea, he finally revealed that his wife was dead, his daughter was working in Manila and he was home alone! He also talked about traveling together next time. As soon as tea was over, I asked to be drop off ASAP at my hotel as I had “other plans”.  He had the cheek to steal a kiss on my forehead before I could open the car door! I told the girls at the reception desk that on no account was I to be available to any gentlemen that come calling!


And the most common of all was the Instant Buddy. Now this guy would be sitting next to me in a public bus or van.  Seeing my backpack with me, he’d ask all sorts of personal questions persistently. (Among which is usually, “Why aren’t you traveling with your boyfriend?”). After all, he’d say, we were just being friendly. One time the guy doing the asking was a big guy with tattoos on his forearms.  This unnerved me, but I shut him up eventually by saying, “Manong ang dami mong tanong. Hindi naman kailangan!” This roughly translates to “You’ve so many useless questions!”  Sometimes the direct approach is best.


One thing I’m thankful for was that I’d never been mistaken for a prostitute.  I met a pretty, leggy, dark-sinned Filipina who once happened to be on vacation alone in Moalboal and was approached in broad daylight (10 a.m.!) by a foreigner and was asked how much she’d cost!  If anyone’s reading this, most of us are not for sale. 


Happily though, during my trip I’d meet people I’d remember for the rest of my life, and in a good way.  I’d like to think I made some friends too. 

TYoungTX says:
Too funny! Glad you shared. :)
Posted on: Mar 17, 2008
JeAr says:
hahaha! love this entry! i have similar stories during my stay in Bohol (i wasn't the one approached, bien sur!). well, whether we like it or not, these things are always bound to happen :(
Posted on: Mar 05, 2008
CFD says:
Men, What should we do with them? haha.. But you should take it as a compliment that so many people are interested in you (even tough its for the wrong reasons). Love to read your blog for the next time i in Phil.
Posted on: Sep 19, 2007
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