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Alona because the sexy star Alona used to film there with FPJ!

Ocean Jet had sailed into a rather nice harbour in Tagbilaran City. The whole trip just took an hour and 30 mins.!  I love the fastcrafts of the Visayas.  Unlike at the Dumaguete pier, the dock we arrived in was rather organized and very clean, and seemed to have been made just for fastcrafts.  I was accosted immediately as soon as I left the departure gate by several tricycle drivers.  One of them was very young, but aggressive enough to give me a deal.  I wanted to get to the bus terminal Dao, but he convinced me instead to let him drive me all the way to Alona Beach on Panglao Island.  This turned out to be a good choice, since the beach was at the other end of the island, quite far, and not very accessible to public transportation.

Low tide is towards dusk.
  I could still push it, but not at the hour I arrived (late afternoon), and bringing with me my backpack.

I quickly learned that if one stays in Panglao Island, it's better to organize all your tours from there.  That is if there's a whole group of you then it would be more convenient and cost-efficient.  Just getting out of there would cost you another PhP 200.  Even Boracay is more accessible and cheaper!  There is so much choice in transportation: taxi, multi-cab, van, tricycle and motorbike, all ready to give you a deal, but boy are they expensive.  They've formed a coop of sorts to keep the price competitive, but I really miss the availability of public commutes elsewhere.

Lou, the diminutive manager.
  At Alona, they offer all the tours you can make, both on land (Chocolate Hills, Loboc, etc), and on water (Balicasag for diving/snorkeling, Pamilacan for dolphin watching, etc.).

The trike got me as far as the road met the the beach road, which was at the Alona Kew Hotel (again expensive!).  Henry, the driver, gave me his cellphone number. That's another thing that they do here, they make it easy for you to contact them just in case you would want a deal for a tour. 

I asked at the tourist center where I could find cheap places.  The cheapest they could give me was PhP 800 for a room! So I started asking around, past the tourist center I got to Ging-ging's Sari-Sari store, and when I asked there, this little kid quoted me a lower price.

Analyza. Her teacher always asks her to "analyze" things. Hehe.
  They had a fan room (with bath), he said, and he'd throw in cable TV too. I decided to have a look.  The rooms (only 2), were about 40-50 meters from the beach, at the end of a sidestreet next to Kamalig restaurant.  A ref and a stove came with the room too,  but getting them to operate would cost more.   The place would really be great for long-staying guests.  Since it was tidy and well-maintained enough, I decided to stay.  Afterwards, I also found a cheap place to eat, Trudie's, which was a good thing.  But for breakfast, I could stick to Ging-Ging's which also served it, because it was 10 pesos cheaper.

Only after I'd parked my bags, I could finally truly enjoy the beach.  The beach was as white as I hoped to expect, though just half as long as Boracay's.  My first impression of the place was that it was overpriced, but I started to think I was wrong.

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Alona because the sexy star Alona …
Alona because the sexy star Alona…
Low tide is towards dusk.
Low tide is towards dusk.
Lou, the diminutive manager.
Lou, the diminutive manager.
Analyza.  Her teacher always asks …
Analyza. Her teacher always asks…
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