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Caught a mid-day flight from San Jose to Austin today. on  AA, the airplane was not full, and was on-time. When we landed, I was thinking about those poor people who had to sit in the airplane in Austin back in January or Feb...

Walking into the airport, I was counting how many times I had been to Austin. The firs time was almost 7 years ago (before the current airport was open) when David and I came to check out UT Austin. I think I had been here 2 more times since, once during our first cross-country flight, and another time to attend David's graduation.

The photo on the blog is one taken from the airplane as we flew over Mt Hamilton's Lick Observatory shortly after we took off, with the central valley in the background, and the snow-capped Sierra mountain range in the background (photo isn't that great), from the air, the long line of snow tops were pretty impressive. We haven't been to Mammoth in a while, and they still have pretty good snow, I hope I can make another trip before the season is over. Then I started thinking about what it would be like to fly into Tibet in a few months, where there would be a sea of mountains...

I spent most of the 3 hours on the plane reading the book "The Story of Tibet, conversation with the Dalai Lama" by Thomas Laird. It's one of the books I bought to read for the upcoming trip to Tibet. It's the thickest one, but now that I started reading it, I think I will finish it soon because it was very engaging to read. Being born in Taiwan, and brought up with the Chinese view, it was natural for me to think of Tibet as part of China. but now I wish they can just co-exist peacefully, preserve the uniqueness of the place and people.  It so happens today's San Jose Mercury News has an article on Tibet, It's not exactly drilled into the heads of Chinese (and Taiwanese) school children that Tibetans had sacked the capitol of the Tang dynasty and installed a puppet emporer for a short time, but it is widely known that the Wengcheng princess went to Tibet to marry the Tibetan ruler Songzen Gampo. She had a great influence in bringing Buddhism into Tibet, and the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa was erected to house the buddha statue that she brought to Tibet (the statue was shattered during the cultural revolution, but some fragments remain there to still be worshiped). Anyway, a facinating book so far.

My destination today and for the week (in class) is San Marcos, about 29 miles south of Austin. I don't expect to have much time to do any sight-seeing. Although I would like to see the bats under the Congress bridge in Austin.

I won't be seeing David on this trip, since he happens to be in SF this week.
Amanda says:
Let me know if you get to see the bats! :-)
Posted on: May 06, 2007
David says:
Yep out here in sunny SF!
Posted on: May 06, 2007
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