The Goodbye Part II: Unfinished Business

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The Sad Emotional Goodbye....This Is How To Say Goodbye!

Today I was rudely awoken at ridiculous o'clock by young Jeff ringing my room!

I had made plans with Jeff that when himself, Ying and Bennie got into town we would all head to the floating market. Now this decision was made a few days previously and also several buckets o' wiskey and towers o' beer ago. The idea did not seem so appealing right at this very moment.

Surprisingily I declined and the boys set off anyway.

Although it felt like I had only just hung up on Jeff, the phone began to ring straight away. We had apparently out slept the check out time. Meaning I had slept for several hours since talking to Jeff.

Today was another one of those do nothing days. Then again we made a trip back to the MBK centre and I ended up buying myself a nice new camera. A Canon G10 for almost half the price it would cost normally back home in Ireland.

Happy days.

So with me being in such a good mood, we made our way back to town as Hannah and the rest of the gang were going to be arriving shortly. Once again, myself and Bryan find ourselves sitting in a bar wasting hte hours away.

Wait, did I say wasting the hours away?? Sorry. I apologise for that. The time spent in the bar was not wasted. No time is ever wasted when ever in a bar. It is the perfect opportunity to talk through all your little problems and to discuss your future. It is true that more often than not it does lead to new problems in your life but thats the risk you must take when trying to solve life's little mysteries over a beer.

It was so great to see all the others again when they finally showed up even if it was only a day or so since we had last seen each other.

This Is What Most of My Memories Of This Trip Would Look Like
It was only a shame that it was gonna be such a short get together this time round. They certainly made up for the whole non-existent goodbye they gave us back on the island!

We then jumped in a taxi and swiftly fell asleep just after we realised the driver was taking us on a Mickey Mouse tour of Bangkok to get to the airport. Luckily we were in no rush.

We got to KL without any problems. Checked into the same dorm as last time and enjoyed some late night beers before crashing for the night. Tomorrow we were gonna start the long trek back home but not before we took care of some unfinished business in The Land of No Koala Bears....

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The Sad Emotional Goodbye....This …
The Sad Emotional Goodbye....This…
This Is What Most of My Memories O…
This Is What Most of My Memories …
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