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Homeless People Everywhere!!

Ok so, funny story.

Our flight got in from KL late at night. Now, Im not even going to complain about the fact that the air conditioning was broken on our Air Asia flight and had been while we sat on the runway for over an hour as we sweltered in the heat, which was not ideal for the subsequent 13 hour flight. 

The first flight to Dublin was not until well after 6 in the morning. Knowing this, we resigned ourselves to the idea of sleeping in the airport as it would be too late to go anywhere.

Unfortunately, we were not the only people to have this idea. After a healthy dinner in Stansteds Burger King, we set off to find some seats to sleep on.

As it turns out, Stansted has all of about 15 seats, all of which had long since been taken by others.

Homeless People Everywhere!!
We tried to find a spot along the walls or even the checkout desks. They were all long gone too.

Things were not looking too well.

We picked a random spot in the middle floor and settled down to a nights sleep.

It was about as good as any as you could imagine if you were to sleep on the cold hard floor of an airport that although there are no flights, seemed to be constantly busy.

Sadly this is not the funny part to the story.

As we had slept in the airport, we were able to get near the front of the Ryanair queue. The lady took our bags and put the tags on them. Took our passports. Then explained how we missed our flights that were due to leave at 6.30 a.m......yesterday.

Now I am never one to point the finger of blame so I wont do that.

So the two of us queued up to buy new tickets knowing that the plane was not full. We were quoted €400 a piece until she noted that we had bags. I have never seen such a happy person!

We gave that a miss and booked a flight through Air France from London City Airport for considerably less. The cost of the tickets no longer matters.

So, we got the stansted express into Liverpool Street, jumped on the tube with the oyster cards that James & Gar had given us a few weeks previously. About 7 train changes and a bus later we got to the airport and joined the check in queue only to be told that they could not check us in for another 6 hours...

Today was going brilliantly.

As there is no bar in London City Airport, we sat on our bags outside the airport and snoozed, much to the amazement and wonderment to not only the heavily armoured police officers but also the copius amounts of business people who use this airport.

In fact, every other person appeared to be there on business. Thus making our appearance of combats, flip flops and t-shirts quite odd when coupled with us sleeping atop our bags at the airport entrance.

This all really helped to add to the fact that a 12 day round trip to Thailand from Dublin is not a feasible idea for a relaxing holiday. Well, normally it wouldn't. This was truly a brilliant trip. We didnt really do or see so much during the 12 days. It was seeing all my old friends that really made it for me. The new friends really helped too. I met some amazing people this trip.

All in all, the nasty trip home was worth it to be able to enjoy this trip thanks to all my friends both new and old that I got to enjoy it with...

But I could have done without the excessive travel...

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Homeless People Everywhere!!
Homeless People Everywhere!!
Homeless People Everywhere!!
Homeless People Everywhere!!
photo by: ulysses