The Disappointing Goodbye

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The Legendary Bennie

So every morning in the resort, one of the girls would wander in our room and inevitably stand on the head of the poor person sleeping on the floor. They would then come in and have some sort of random chat with us despite us struggling to get back to sleep.

Some would come in to fill us in on their fears and woes, others would come in to discuss the gossip from the night before while Hannah and Ash, well they used to just come in.....we have still yet to work out why!

Well today, was to be the day myself, Bryan & Jeff would get revenge on them all once and for all by getting up before them and waking them up!!

As we left our room with the warm glowy feeling of revenge deep inside at the thought of waking everyone up and exacting our vengence, we left out room to see that most of them were already up and outside their huts!!! Damn them all!!

After a few moments of deathening disappointment, we came to the realisation that Hannah was still as sleep. With out further delay, we ran into her hut and rudely awoke her!!

Yay for little victories!!!

A few minutes later it was time for me & Bryan to don our backpacks and stroll off down the beach to catch our ferry. Apart from Bennie and Jeff, the goodbyes were not very heartfelt and they simply went straight back to what ever they were discussing before our failed attempt to rudely awaken them.

We walked off into the sun rise....unnoticed...unmissed...

tinkermel says:
I've just read this and can i just say i wasnt up out of choice haha ;)

This is bringing back so many memories- i wanna be travellin with you guys now!!
Posted on: Feb 22, 2010
hannah-lou says:
Hahaha, I think that one morning of being woken up felt like a massive payback for a few mornings of wakin you guys up.
Posted on: Oct 11, 2009
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The Legendary Bennie
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