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So after having taken the ferry to Koh Samui airport, what do you mean there is more to see on the island, I suppose you could see a golden pagoda from the airstrip on some nearby hill. But after we got the flight from there, we were back in Koh San Road, Home Sweet Home, Nil Aon Thintean Mar Do Thintean Féin!

It may not be the prettiest of homes, however, oddly enough, it does end up feeling like home after awhile. I am still not sure how happy of this I should be.

We didn't do awhole lot today. We considered doing some sight seeing. We considered it. We quickly considered not to do any sightseeing. We did go to the MBK Centre and the surrounding shops. I reckon we are the first people ever to go there and buy none of the tat on sale.

In short order we magically found ourselves hugging a beer each in front of some football on a big screen. Football and beer is always a good way to meet people if you are on your own. When you travel you either use this little tactic or people use it on you. Some people are good at it, like the lad who ended up hanging out with us for the night. And others are really bad at it like the two girls who almost sat in the way of the tv screen. Despite their good lucks and potential charm or personality, they had ruined it for themselves and gracelessly left the bar with their tales between their tales.

The lad who did sit with us, turned out to be Irish. Why did we leave home?? In KL, we hung out with Irish people and everyone town since we kept meeting up with Irish people. Yet, if we met the same people at home, chances are we would never speak let alone make eye contact with each other. Funny how travel makes us different and act different without even knowing it.

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