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Hey everyone!  Well it is around 6pm on Sunday here in Tanzania.  I'll give you an update on everything that has happened so far.

Friday morning we woke up at 2:30 am and showered.  We left Plattsburgh around 3:30 to catch the ferry leaving at 4:05.  We got right on the plane and were in NYC by 7am.  We waited until around 11am to board our plane.  THIRTEEN hours later we were in Dubai!  The plane ride was enjoyable as it possibly could have been.  The Emirates plane had a great entertainment system with hundreds of movies, songs, and tv shows to choose from.  So, we kept ourself occupied.  The only problem was neither of us slept at all.  We arrived at Dubai around 8am Dubai time.  The airport in Dubai was the cleanest airport I have ever seen.  We only had a two hour layover there so we found our gate right away then walked around for awhile.  The plane from Dubai to Dar es Salaam was a much older version of the plane from NYC.  It was not as comfortable and the entertainment system didn't work.  It was an excuse to sleep.  We both slept on and off the whole ride.  We arrived in Dar at 2:30pm.  The line for obtaining a Visa was hardly a line at all.  A better description would be a large group of people shoving and pushing to give the application, passport, and $50 to an official who gave it to one of the workers behind the window.  It took about 1 1/2 hrs to get the Visa.  Finally we were done and we could get to the house!  Of course a trip to Africa could not go so smoothly.  Our bumb in the road came when we walked out of the airport and there was no one to pick us up.  None of the little white signs had our names.  After waiting about 15 minutes we found a phone and I called all the numbers I had to get a hold of someone.  Apparently they thought we were arriving at 2:30 am.  So we had to wait another hour to get picked up by Peter, the program director.  It was then another 1 1/2 hour drive to the house. 

The drive was interesting to say the least.  It got dark halfway through the drive and not everyone apparently uses their headlights.  Also people walk and bicyle right on the side of the road. So cars come both ways with people and bicycles going both ways.  I can't even describe just how crazy it is.  Peter took us to a restaurant before he took us to the house since we had missed dinner.  It was another 5 mins to the house where we met all the other volunteers.  There are 12 other volunteers. 3 Aussies, 3 Brits, 1 Canadian, 1 Spaniard, and 4 other Americans.  Everyone seems great so it should be a good time.

Today we are going to make our way to Mwange Market where they have a huge woodcraft market.  So that should be interesting.  We start classes on Monday morning. I'll be putting another entry on here as soon as I can. 

Love ya!


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