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Sapphire beaches, mountains with rugged peaks, canyons and old towns, all this is called Montenegro and I wanted to see it. The country has close to 700.000 inhabitants where 1/3 lives in the capital Podgorica. It is the smallest of the Balkan states. I heard a funny statistic about Montenegro. It is said that they have the tallest people in the world with an average hight of 187 cm. True or Falls?

Well, the biggest challenge on our trip was crossing the border. We set off from Dubrovnik in the morning and headed down the Croatian coast with destination Montenegro. It is always good to be prepared for a time consuming boarder crossing, but this time it was not necessary. With only a couple of buses and a car in front of us we were through in 15 minutes. Very efficient indeed! Our passport were checked at the Croatian border, then a short drive before the same procedure at the Montenegrine border. First time you enter Montenegro with a car you have to pay €10 ecology tax and you get a sticker for your car so you don´t pay next time.

Going back to Croatia we did not want to spend hours at the border. Since most of the day tourists seem to go back at the same time, this is likely to happen. Instead of taking the main road, we turned left right after Igalo and took the mountain road. It is a little bit longer, but usually faster since there are no lines at the borders. And that was the case today too. We were the only once there. At the Montenegrine border they did not even look at our passports, just waved us through and on the Croatian side they only wanted to know our nationalities. I will definitely choose this road next time too.
Chokk says:
Falls I think - Dutch are the tallest in Europe amd I guess they still count here:)
I think this border was fast compared to the one betwwen Albania and Montenegro; that one was awful. I used more than one hour to get in - and out was taken +3 hours so I choose one closer to Podgorica, but this one should be bad in the rainy season. Here we used 1 hour to get in again to Montenegro.
BTW I like the ecotax - if it helps them:)
Posted on: Sep 07, 2009
Dr_Seuss says:
Missed out on a trip to Pristina a couple of years ago and really regret it now :-(
Posted on: Sep 04, 2009
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