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We got up about 8.30 am and we had breakfast in the hotel which was minutes from the very center of the city. First thing we decided to see the Monument to Freedom designed in 1930-1935 and funded form the people’s donations. This is a testimony of their desire for freedom. This 43 meters obelisk is crowned with a woman holding three golden stars in her arms high above her head. These stars symbolize the three historical regions of Latvia. 


Going along Kalku Street we saw on the right hand side the Gunpowder Tower, which was built, as part of the fortification in the 14th century. We kept on walking and we ended up in St. Peter´s Evangelical Lutheran Church. It seems to be that the church was built in the second half of the 13th century, although it was rebuilt at the end of the 14th century and beginning of the 15th. At the end of the 17th century a 64.5 meters high wooden tower was added to the construction being the tallest in Europe at that time. The tower has burnt many times, the last time in 1941 when the WWII reached Riga. The new tower was built in 1973 and it is made of metal reaching 123 meters.

You can even take a lift and get the best views over the city. I believe it was around 5 euros, but it was worthwhile! Next to it you find the St. John´s Evangelical Lutheran Church and past the church you reach John’s Gate.


From there we headed to the Town Hall Square to the Riga Tourism Coordination and Information Centre. It is funny we asked for a city map in English and they didn’t have any, they had in Spanish, Russian and many other but not in English. I guess the run out otherwise I would be very surprised! J The Tourism Information Center is in the renewed Blackheads’ House rebuilt in 1890. Next to it there is the Blue Guards’ Storehouse, another newly constructed building with ancient stylized features. And towards the Daugava river you find the Latvian Museum of Occupation, which we decided not to visit J Instead we went back to Dome Square to have a coffee, or maybe a beer hheheh We were walking around the area, and we visited the Three Brothers, one of the oldest brick residential buildings, St Jacob´s Church, first mentioned in 1225.


We decided to go for lunch to Restaurant 1739, which was located next to St. Peter´s Church (attaching a review). After lunch we sat down next to the Statue of Roland. We had the Riga Tourism Coordination and Information Centre in front of us and the town hall behind. We spent a couple of hours there watching everyone pass by. It was so relaxing! At the town square there was so much going on, people going up and down, two musicians giving a small concert, some Filipino models being photographed… it is a good spot to stop and experience Riga´s life! :)

sarahthevegasbride says:
we are off to Riga next month. woooooooooo
Posted on: Oct 03, 2010
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