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Today we woke up quite late as we were demolished from yesterday tour! We had breakfast, packed our bags and left to the bus station. Before leaving we asked the receptionist to make a reservation at the Akmenine Uzeiga, which is a nice resort 2,5kms from the center of Trakai. We tried to do the booking through their website but we did not get any answer.


The bus station is quite near The Gate of Dawn although is not easy to find the place as many people do not know how to give you directions in English. Once we got to the Central Bus Station, which is a big building next to the Eurolines office, we went to the ticket counter to get the tickets. Woaowww!!! The woman attending us was so rood! We asked her where to get the bus from and as we did not understand her answer she started to get really pissed off! Finally she ended up writing the directions on a paper as we kept standing in front of her not understanding a thing she was saying.


The bus was supposed to leave at 11.20, but we did not leave until 11.45. Trakai was about 30 minutes from Vilnius. Once you arrive to the bus station there is a very clear sign pointing to the Tourism office. We went there and we asked the person working there how to get to Akmenine Uzeiga. Then she looked at us quite surprised and said: “But this is a very expensive resort and it is 2,5kms away, you are not in the center, where everything happens!”. Then we asked for alternatives and she made us a reservation at the Salos Hotel, which was half the price. I am attaching a review.


The service so far has been superb. We got in there and a nice woman explained everything to us, helped us cancel the reservation in Akmenine Uzeiga and called the car rental office to change the address where they had to drop the car. (we are hiring a rental car to go from Trakai to Nida, Palanga and Riga!)


By the time we were all set for lunch it was almost 13.30 so we hurried to one of the restaurants recommended in Lonely Planet. Kibinine restaurant was about 10 minutes away from the hotel and when we got there was quite busy. The weather today was not that nice so nobody was in the terrace facing the Castle. I am attaching a review.


We had a quite lunch as it was raining and there was not much we could do.

It rained for hours so we decided to move some other place to have a coffee. Right next to the bridge we found a kiosk where we had a cappuccino and some typical pastry. Then is started raining even more and the place was all opened up, so we were forced to move again! :) We ended up having two glasses of red wine in a place half way between the bridge and Kibinine! There we chat for almost an hour until we decided to rest in the hotel for a while. Emilio had a nap but I started writing like crazy! Around 7.30 stopped raining and the sun came out. We did not lose a minute, we ran all the way to the castle to take a couple of photos just in case tomorrow rained. Once our mission had been accomplished we returned to our room to rest a little bit before dinner. Right in the hotel there is a nice cafeteria where you can have salads and all sorts of things, but at the time we got ready for dinner it was already closed but they recommended us to go to Kybynlar, another restaurant that was also recommended in Lonely Planet. I am attaching a review.


And now we are back in the room, Emi is reading a book and I am writing my travel blog and reviews!

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