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I woke up around 7.30am and I went running around. Going south I discovered there was a new restaurant named Senoji Kibinine, although it was around 1km away from the centre of Trakai. Right after my training I had breakfast with Emilio in our hotel… yammi! We had an excellent breakfast. Right on time the car rental company dropped the car so we could head to Nida, but before that we decided to visit Trakai and its castle again.


Amazing day in Trakai! Yestarday was rainy and coldish, everything changed today! The light was perfect for taking photos, so I went nuts shooting and shooting. Before walking along the bridge to get to the castle, we spent some time shopping in many of the souvenir stores. I bought a nice cross with ambar stones for my mother (she collects them).


We did not expect much about our visit to the castle, but we got surprisingly satisfied! They have kept this gothic castle in very good conditions and you could breathe the time when it was built (1400).

We spent almost a couple of hours visiting it. When you go in you find a huge patio in the centre and tons of rooms with different motives. Emilio and I started doing stupid photos hanging from different places and climbing all over the place, so we had a very good time! When exiting the castle I found a new patch, this time had “Trakai” written on it!


Right on Karaimu gatve you find many fisher houses with very lively colors full of life. I couldn´t help photographing many of them. It was already around 1.30pm, so we decided to go for luch to Senoji Kibinine. Be careful with its name and its number, remember that is number 65. Right next to it there is a different one, although they might be from the same owner… I am attaching a review.

After lunch we still had some time to take some more photos. From the restaurant we went down to the lake and started shooting! Check out the photos… Trakai rocks! Our plan was to leave Trakai around 12, but we ended up leaving quite late. Around 3.30 pm we started driving to Kalipeda and we got there around 6.30pm. Exiting Trakai we got pulled over by the police! We were supposed to drive at 50 kms/hour and the gun pointed out 67 Km per hour. The policeman did not speak English very well and Emilio simulated a broken English saying “Sorry, I didn’t see the sign, where is it?” :) When Emi handed his driving license to the policeman he got shocked :) he did not understand anything in Spanish so he checked our documentation, saw the front the back, gave it to us  back. Then he went back to his car and stood there. We waited for some time but he never came with a speeding ticket…. I guess that means we can go, right? We turned on the engine and we kept going…  they didn´t chase us, so I guess we were dismissed hehehheh


We kept on driving for almost three hours until we reached Kaipeda.

On our way we read in our Lonely Planet that there was a ferry from Kaipeda to Smiltyne and for 42,90 litas we could take our car! So we did! Be careful when you get to Kaipeda, there are a couple of blue signs to get ferrys, one is for international and the other for national, get the latter one.


Actually it was quite fun, it was almost sunset, and we were crossing from Kaipeda to the Curlandia Isthmus! When you get the ticket you get some guidelines of what to do and how to behave in the Isthmus! :) The first thing you have to do is pay some taxes for staying there. You will find three or four lines of vehicles and all of them have to pay in some kind of ATM machine (20 litas)! By the way, if you have no car, you can also cross from one side to the other and then get a bus.


This Isthmus is quite narrow, so there are just two lanes. From Smiltyne to Nida there are around 50kms. On the way suddenly we saw between trees the most amazing striking light! Woaow! What was all that about? We turned around and we followed the light until we got to the most amazing sunset I have ever seen! We got paralyzed watching that!!! I took photos, don´t worry? Hhehehh Once the sun was gone, we kept driving until we reached Nida! It was quite late already, so first mission was to find a place where to stay. We checked our Lonely Planet and there were several Bed&Breakfast recommendations but all of them had no vacancies! Damn! I guess you have to book way in advance. It is August and many Lithuanian people spend their holidays around here.

We ended up in a shitty hotel, I am writing a review about it, although it is just a place where to crash! It is quite big, so if you get to Nida very late and you don´t find anything, try there! Once we did our check-in, we went to grab something for dinner. We were quite tired so we ended up in CiliPica. Not a place I would recommend but at least we had wifi connection.

asturjimmy says:
grandisimo lugar eh?un pequeño gran secreto de maravilla
por cierto,para otras veces te recomiendo que ojees las guias rough guides,dan mil patadas a las busy planet
estan solamente en ingles,las encuentras en altair,
solo compara los mapas y las recomendaciones culturales de libros,y veras la diferencia abismal
Posted on: Nov 17, 2009
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photo by: asturjimmy