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Silvia woke up at 8 am and when she put her first foot on the ground screamed: Shit! Everything hurts! I guess that yesterday we did too much exercise! When I got up I felt the same way…  We showered, had some breakfast and we went to the LindaLine Terminal. There was a big line and some people were complaining… Departures had been cancelled due to bad weather! The only option we had was to travel with Tallink. It was leaving at 10.30am so we shared a taxi with two guys from St. Petersburg to get to the new terminal. Woaow! This ferry was huge although it was a little bit slower than LindaLine. I have travelled with both of them and I would say I prefer Tallink than LindaLine. Tallink takes 2 hours (30 minutes longer) but it is less expensive and has tons of bars and things to do inside. LindaLine takes 1,5hours, is more expensive and it only has a small vending corner.


In the ferry, we sat down in the front and we ordered a bottle of CAVA (Sparkling wine) with some dried fruits! Mmmmmm I love how you feel when you drink a glass of CAVA… (Silvia does not let me finish the sentence).


This time I will try to visit the city as last time with Emilio we stopped in a bar and we didn´t see anything :) After crossing Catherine´s passage we visited Raekoja plats.

There you find the Town hall and its tower, the oldest pharmacy in town and many restaurants all around the square. It is very recommendable to sit down in one of the terraces and contemplate the energy of the site! :)


It was already 2pm so we decide to go for lunch. I could have tried a new restaurant in the city but I wanted to take Silvia to Olde Hansa. For some reason I knew she would love it! Tallin enjoys a real medieval atmosphere and to experience this restaurant is a MUST. This time I had the chance to try rabbit and Silvia had some chicken! :)


If you follow Vene Street you will find a Dominican Monastery which we did not enjoy much.  After visiting the Dominican Monastery we saw a wooden door with some stairs going down. A young couple recommended us to visit it so we decided to go in. You didn´t have to pay a ticket with you had to give a donation. When we entered there was a clear sign saying: “DONATION”. Actually it was a beautiful place, it was plenty of pieces of art and it reminded you an ancient library. Then I was about to take a photo when I heard: “Sir, no photos”. He didn´t sound very nice so I replied: “Ok, NO PHOTO, NO DONATION”. And we left! Sometimes people are so rood! It wasn’t because of what he had said, but how he did it.


If you keep going you find Tallin City Museum and 10 minutes away one of the most impressive churches in the city: St. Olav´s Church. We took some photos from it and then we decided to walk back along Pikk Street and have a coffee in Bonaparte Restaurant.

It is the author´s recommendation in Lonely Planet so we had to check it out!

We arrived to Helsinki around 11pm and we had to take a bus to get to the Railway Station. The bus was packed and you could tell there were some young kids quite drunk! They were noisy and did not behave at all. Then one of them asked for a plastic bag… shit! That girl was about to vomit! And she did! Damn, that smelt really bad and everyone was getting sick! It was a funny situation as you could see this girl vomiting, her friends trying to help her and the rest of the people in the bus covering their noses with Kleenex, paper towels and anything they had handy. The worst thing came when one of her friends also started to get sick! Damn, they needed to stop the bus before everyone started to vomit! That was the prelude of a massive vomiting session!

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