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This morning we had to take the eurolines bus to Tallin at 7am, so we had to wake up very early although our hotel was just 5 minutes away from the Central Bus Station in Riga!


The trip has been awesome; we bought a ticket in the Lux Express Special Lounge, which is like a business area in the bus. It has a table for your computer, power outlets, Internet connection and breakfast! From Riga to Tallin you have a 5-hour drive, but I just did not even realize! It is very comfortable and I could connect to the Internet during the whole trip. If you have to travel between Riga and Tallin I would say it is the best option by far! The ticket cost us only 24 euros, which is nothing if you compare it to airline rates.


Once we got to the central bus station in Tallin, we went straight to a small kiosk to ask for directions to the old town. It was not close from there, so we had to take the tram, which was 500 meters from the station. You can get the tickets at a stationary you find in the station. People were very friendly so everyone told us where to get off. Then we entered the Old Town and walked until the Tourist Information Center right on Kullassepa 4, next to the main square where you find the Town Hall. We wanted to get a city map and also make a reservation in a hotel to spend the night before getting the ferry to Helsinki! They gave us directions on how to get to Booking Estonia, an agency helping tourists to book accommodation in the city with no commission! The agent was very friendly, in fact she tried to talk to us in Spanish and booked an apartment for us in Briston Apartments. They were in Harju 7, one block down from the Tourist Information Center. (attaching a review).


Once we unpacked all our bags, we went to have an Estonian lunch in Olde Hansa. It is a very recommendable restaurant next to the City Hall.  (I am attaching a review).

Lunch took us a couple of hours, so we left the restaurant around 4pm. Damn! I can assure you that from all three Baltic countries, Tallin is the most touristic and busiest! I have just been to Vilnius and Riga, and they are not as busy as Tallin! There is a tower in the City Hall with beautiful views over the city. It costs 36 EEK Estonian Croons and you are not going to believe what happened to us! Emilio asked for 2 tickets and handed in 100 EEK. Then she gave us back 25 EEK when she was supposed to return 28 EEK. Emilio asked for our change and then the woman said she had no change. Then I took part in the conversation and told her it was not our fault if she had no change. Then she grabbed from us the tickets she gave us and returned the money! Can you believe that??? I got so irritated! I could not believe she would not let us go in because we did not have the exact amount!!! Anyhow I stepped aside and the same thing happened to the next tourist, then I could not avoid it and I start yelling at her saying:

“Excuse me, it is your responsibility to look for change, not us! Fix the problem!” and then she insulted us in Estonian. I was so angry that I kept on saying things to this woman: “I see how you treat tourists! You do not respect them! They are your clients!”. She did not even look at me so we went to have a coffee next door in a small cafeteria.

What can I say, it was worthwhile! The city views from there were excellent! By the way, the way up is quite steep and tiring.


From the City Hall we started walking towards St Olav’s Church (http://www.oleviste.ee). On our way we bought some patches in a souvenir store for my collection! I collect magnets, necklaces, cups and many other things J In this church the is another tower you can climb with beautiful views over the Old Town. It is 123,7 meters high. Both views, from the City Hall Tower, and from St Olav´s Church are almost the same. Although the latter one cost us 30 Kroons, so a little bit more expensive. At the moment there was a wedding being taken place so we could not see the inside of it.


We walked along Gümnaasiumi  until we reached the hill where the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin is located. On top of the hill we found two good spots with panoramic views. In the second we found the most amazing bar ever! J It was called Luscher & Matiesen.

There we started having some soft drinks and enjoying a chill out atmosphere during sunset. We arrived there around 5pm when they were playing live music. It sounded really well so we stayed there enjoying the last rays of light. The songs were amazing and we just stayed there open-mouthed! When this girl finished singing we asked her for her CD but she only have several songs uploaded in YouTube and Myspace. YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/eputrulla

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/puuseppkerli


Then a guy next to our table joined us and we started talking about all our trips and so on. His name was Gerald and he was from Austria! He had been for the last 7 months travelling all around the world and he was already on his way back home.


By the way, the name of the singer is Kerli Puusepp and she is only 17 years old! Damn, some people are born with so much talent! Kerli is still studying in high school  but I am sure she will become a talented professional singer in no time! She has so much character and personality… I am sure she will fulfill her dreams in life!!


We were chatting, listening to live music, enjoying our dinks… It was one of those moments you never forget during your holidays! We were so comfortable there that we decided to order a cheese platter and some red wine.

  It was getting cold so the waiter brought us some blankets for the cold. We got there around 5 pm and we left after 11pm! having some wine, chatting with the singer and Gerald…

tirsomaldonado says:
Cool! nice to hear from you! :) it was our best moment during our summer holidays! ;)
Posted on: Jun 06, 2010
LuscherMatiesen says:
Thanks for the warm comments about Luscher&Matiesen bar&terrace. We remember you guys, it was a nice day! Thanks and welcome again!
We continue with Kerli and have many other acts and programme also. And naturally the cheese plates and great French wines directly from small producers.
Posted on: Jun 01, 2010
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