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Today has been a crazy day! Last night I went out in Sitges with all my school friends and we got quite happy :) Actually I woke up right in time to be able to get the flight on time! I met Emilio around 11.45 at the bus station to get the “Monbus” to the airport!  We were departuring from Terminal 1, a new terminal opened this year. The terminal was empty! I guess that it is oversized for the traffic they have right now. It is even bigger and nicer than T4 in Madrid.


We got there 2 hours before the flight but there was already a long line to do the check-in. Both of us were suffering from a huge hangover! Damn, I am getting old! We were flying with AirBaltic. By the way, be careful if you reserve online, they charged me so many extra costs… When I bought the tickets I did not realize during the booking process that I selected many extra options, such us “change your flight free of charge, travel cancellation in case of acute illness and delayed arrival warranty”.

For all these extra costs I paid 134 Euros more that I was supposed to! Can you imagine? Right after I got my bill, I called them up to complain but there was nothing I could do! What a gang of thieves! And it does not end there! Yesterday we were informed that there was a time change, so instead of arriving at 8.30pm we were getting there at 11.50pm! Can you imagine????


Here comes the fun episode of the day… Once we were on the plane I fell right asleep and suddenly two flight attendants woke me up! They were screaming: “Are you ok, are you ok?” They were talking to my friend Emilio! He fainted and got all white! Emilio couldn’t talk; we had no idea what to do so the flight attendants run to the pilot and the plane stopped. A few minutes later the plane was returning to the gate, the ambulance was on the way… but then Emilio started to recover. We explained them that he was just suffering from a big hangover and he was getting all right. We convinced them to fly anyhow, although I had my doubts, I was not sure what has just happened… what if Emilio gets it again? The flight attendants went to talk to the pilot again and finally we took off. What a fright! Actually I am hypochondriac so I started to panic, I felt it could happen to me anytime, so I ended up having the worst flight ever! 3 hours and 30 minutes having a horrible time, I got really dizzy! Once we got to Riga I felt much better… There we had to change planes and we got stuck there for 3 hours.


I recommend you not to fly with hangover!  


The Riga airport is quite small and was not crowded at all.

You would think that being in August and in the Latonia capital, it would be packed of people, but it was totally deserted! At 11 pm we were on board and we took off to Vilnius. The plane was quite small, only 10 rows! Once we got to Vilnius we had a taxi driver waiting for us to take us to the hotel. This time we followed our Lonely planet recommendation and we stayed in Domus Maria (review attached).


Once we go to the hotel we decided to go for a walk and have a beer! Damn, Vilnius is beautiful! Quite an amazing city. The hotel was right on Ausros Varty. We were walking along the street and two young guys stopped us and asked where we were from. They were really nice and started to tell us about the City Hall and some interesting facts about it! We ended up having a glass of wine in “invino” (review attached). Around 2.30 am we went back to the hotel. Tomorrow we are getting up at 7.30 am!!!

asturjimmy says:
buena ciudad eh?
Posted on: Nov 17, 2009
fernandomilla says:
Great post, Tirso.
Posted on: Sep 08, 2009
jimmypons says:
What a day! and what a fly! and yes do not fly with a hangover uf! Never
Posted on: Sep 08, 2009
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