The shifting colors of the south coast landscape and waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls!

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We conintue our westward journey. We pass lush green mountains with crystal clear waterfalls running most of it's height. In the short distance of a few kilometers you will go from alpine scenery to sandy wastelands and some volcanic sand rivers, as well. Numerous glacial valleys run the length of this mountain range.

We stoff briefly at Skaftafellssofa for a look at the musuem that doccuments the events of the last big eruption 1996 and caused a jökulhlaups. There were a great outline of the events that led up to the jökulhlaups and the clean up after. There were many exhibits showing the course of events, over that period of time so that you are abe to get a real understanding of the magnitude of the event. There was a map relief that shows the galciers of Iceland.


All along this section of coastline, at every turn, another wallerfall, some had steep drops that were blasting the ground with the impct of the water.  some has short drops, some were gently sloping, and some were in the ground, shallow,very rocky, but very powerful.These would gurgle and rush down many worn steps down to a raging stream....and then on from there.  Many of the gently sloping falls had several large indentions in the hillsides where they had worn away the ground and formed a new drop in the continuing falls. Some had 3, 4 or even 5 of these. I 've never seen so many waterfall is my life, and especiall in short short space of time. In between the most beautiful vistas of basalt cliffs and volcanic sediment rivers. It was different at every turn. What is next....I'm sure, fantastic.

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Diagram of Iceland and its glacie…
Diagram of Iceland and it's glaci…
Park Sign
Park Sign
photo by: Vikram